Cutting Each Other’s Hair + Playtime

As soon as Sadie got home from spending the night at my parents’ it was full speed ahead with playtime. We were stuck indoors due to rain, but we lit a candle and made the best of it!

Dad and toddler playing with blocks

I have started keeping Sadie’s toys up high and getting them down for her when she asks and whoa has it been life changing.

Things are a little less messy around here and her toys feel new to her when it has been a while since she last played with them. I think her favorite “toy” is just time with mom and dad. She rode around on Jimmy’s back and thought it was the coolest.

Toddler riding on dad's back

Us girls had some reading time together, which I cherish so much. We were reading Cookie’s Week (<– affiliate link!) in the photo below, which is a big favorite with us. What’s better than a children’s book about a cute cat?!

Mom reading books to toddler

After we put little Sader Tot to bed, Jimmy and I cut each other’s hair. This definitely wasn’t my first time cutting Jimmy’s hair, but it was his first time cutting mine!

He was way more nervous than me about making a mistake while giving me a trim but I assured him that my crazy hair hides any cutting mishaps pretty well 🙂

Husband cutting wife's hair

Guy after home hair cut

Yeah, we totally have a barber cape for Jimmy and a smock for me. I take my hair cutting duties seriously 😉

Have you ever cut your own hair or someone else’s?

What was your favorite book as a child?

Time To Retire It and Simple Things

It makes me so happy to see Sadie enjoy books and reading. Lately, she will just sit on her own and look through some of her books while I do things around the house or yard. 

Toddler reading

I can’t turn my back too long because one of her books ended up in her water table the other day 😉

We went to the park again and it was just as glorious as last time

Toddler in swing at park

We’ve even settled into a little routine where we play and then we walk back to the car and sit on the curb for a snack and drink. Sitting side-by-side on the curb is so simple, but it’s definietly one of my favorite things lately. 

Toddler eating baby food pouch from Aldi

Another simple but fun thing has been just playing outside! I got out our sidewalk chalk and made circles and squares for us to hop from shape to shape and then drew lines in some and we put sticks and rocks and leaves in them. 

I think she had more fun with that than she does with her toys. I guess that’s the way it goes! I took a video and had to laugh at her saying “no, no, no” to Niva’s #2 in the yard. Sadie knows not to go near that, haha. 

Toddler playing with sidewalk chalk

I did some grilling while we were outside. I guess it’s time to retire your grill when you can see straight through to the ground when you open it and only a few of the burners work, huh?

Gas grill with rusted out bottom

Niva will be so sad not to lick up all the tasty drippings when we get a new grill someday. It worked well enough to make pork, though! 

Grilled pork strips

I made up a super fancy recipe. I cut pork chops into strips, marinated them in garlic, lemon juice, ginger, and spices, and grilled them for a few minutes on each side. Totally gourmet 😉

Do you have any appliances that should be retired?

What’s your favorite simple thing lately?