Should Be, A New Collar, and A Cousin Sleepover

I have a few precious moments of free time this morning and should be cleaning our bathroom, or making the bed, or getting some real estate work done. Instead, I found myself with a warm mug of coffee and my laptop.

Coffee and Mac laptop Macbook

Owning a husky has been an amazing experience so far. One of the only downsides of living the husky life is the fact that Niva is an escape artist.

When we first brought her home, I bought an ID tag for her collar, but it kept falling off. I finally decided to get a collar with her name and my phone number printed on it and I feel a little better should she run off again, lol.

Black leather dog collar with name and phone number

You know how I mentioned I had some free time? It’s all thanks to my parents babysitting Sadie! Yesterday after the Youth Summer Days at the park, my mom offered to take her home for a sleepover and I was 100% on board with that idea.

My sister’s daughter, Caroline, slept over as well. They had their first cousin sleepover and I was told they followed each other all around the house and were playing and laughing. 

Toddler cousins sitting together on couch

When Sadie first met Caroline, I thought my heart would burst from happiness. Seeing them truly starting to interact each time they’re together is a whole other thing, though! Man, God is so good. ❤

What are your plans this weekend?

Are you close with your cousins?



  1. We have a printed collar for Oreo too! It definitely gives me more peace of mind for the rare times he has escaped.

    Also, the cousin sleepover is PRECIOUS. Oh my heart. I love that. I’ve said this a hundred times, but I love that you guys all live so close together AND all had babies at the same time. That is such a gift!

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