Snapshots of Life Lately

Okay, snapshots of life lately are going to look a little different than the last snapshots post! We have a new family member and I haven’t left the house much so there’s a lot of cuddling going on around here 😬

Dad holding newborn with cat on his lap

A prime example of mornings over here! Coffee and snuggles in bed have been the best. I think this needs to extend beyond the newborn phase because it’s so cozy. (more…)

Mordecai’s Birth Story

I still can’t believe Mordecai is here and real! I’m here to share his birth story, so buckle up and get ready for lots of TMI 😜

Newborn baby with black hat

Before I start, here’s a little background info: I went into labor spontaneously at 40 weeks + 5 days and we had our son at a freestanding birth center in downtown Pittsburgh. (more…)