I haven’t done a “currently” post since January. I love looking back on these posts. So, here’s what’s currently going on in my life!

Current books The book of Romans and The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo (Much to Jimmy’s dismay, haha). I have donated so many things I don’t use or wear and it’s literally so hard not to dig into Jimmy’s belongings. Yikes.

Current music Trust in You by Lauren Daigle.

Current guilty pleasure Painting. Canvas, walls, anything! I just tried my hand at watercolor on Tuesday. I became interested in it when my sister and I watercolored a Bible story with preschoolers at our church.


Current nail color Nothing right now, but I just removed very chipped teal the other day.

Current drink Starbucks Ethopia blend. It’s so smooth! Still going strong on my birthday and anniversary coffee.

Coffee Mug

Current food I’m loving eggs on top of potatoes. It’s weird, but surprisingly tasty. I guess I get pretty creative when I need to go to the store.

Current television show Anything that has to do with the Olympics.

Current wish list More time with my sweet husband. He’s super into the new Pokemon Go app, so he’s been taking walks with me and Lola so he can catch Pokemon. I’ll take whatever husband time I can get 😉

Walks with Jimmy

Current needs Nada!

Current indulgence Taking time to decorate our house. I received gift cards for TJ Maxx and Kirkland’s for my birthday, so I’ve been able to buy a few vases and art pieces.

Current blessing I’m feeling super blessed by God to have such a loving and supportive church family and immediate family. My mom and dad treated me to lunch on Tuesday because they were both on “my side” of Pittsburgh. It was lovely.


Current excitement Helping plan Hannah’s birthday and graduation party in August. I’m so excited to celebrate my sister! I haven’t mentioned it yet, but she’s leaning towards studying nursing at Penn State. I think she will make an amazing nurse because she’s so caring and hard working.

What’s your current blessing, book, and indulgence?

Pondering nursing and children

Seek the Lord while he may be found; 
   call on him while he is near. Isaiah 55:6


How sweet is my little sister?!… I found this in my backpack this morning before school.

Pretty much made my day! It is times like these, when I find sweet notes from my little sister, that I can truly appreciate living at home 🙂


Man oh man, school is BUSY.

I am actually learning some really cool things in microbiology though!! I love learning about Scrapie, Bovine Spongifrom Encephalopathy (“Mad Cow Disease”), parasites, Ring Worm, Tape Worm, etc! I find anything medical to be VERY interesting and… okay i’ll admit it.. I like to watch video’s of surgeries on You Tube. They just look so cool! Mostly all of my classmates in Microbio are nursing students and it kind of makes me want to get into nursing but I don’t know if I would be good at it or if I would enjoy it.


Other than keeping up with school work, i’ve generally had a smile on my face lately. I’m getting my lactose intolerance perscription tonight! Hopefully I can have ICE CREAM and not get ILL! That would make my life! I just want to go to a diner right now and eat a big ice cream sundae with chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and bananas 🙂


Some recent eats:

Pumpkin pancakes


 Luna bar while driving

Mint soy latte with extra espresso 🙂


Other ramblings: I can’t wait to have kids one day. I love playing with the toddlers/babies in the church nursery!

My mom sent me this the other day and I was cracking up….!

Okay, i’m off to study economics!