Monday Musings

Just some random musings for Monday morning.

-I know it’s the last day of October, but I’m incredibly excited to buy Malcolm a Christmas stocking. I’m also wondering if he’ll climb our Christmas tree.

-I slept 10 hours on Friday night. I also recently had another dream that I was pregnant with twins. Strange.

-I cut mine and Jimmy’s hair this weekend. I’ve been cutting Jimmy’s hair for about two years, but I just recently started trimming my own. I like going to a salon for a cut, but I didn’t feel like leaving the house after a busy week.

Jimmy after haircut

-Jimmy and I were recently discussing what it’s like to live with someone with hearing loss. I feel bad that I constantly have him repeat everything he says or I repeat everything he says to make sure I heard him correctly. We get a good laugh when I randomly speak really loudly because I can’t hear myself that well.

-I’m excited for Thanksgiving. Does anyone watch Punkin Chunkin? It’s a TV show on the Science Channel where people create ways to fling pumpkins across a field and whoever gets their pumpkin the furthest wins.

-I asked Jimmy to hang a mirror in one of our rooms this weekend and he accidentally drilled through our 1970s recessed doorbell. I guess I shouldn’t have picked that spot on the wall!

-Lola has the uncanny ability go always go #2 in the middle of four-way stops and intersections in our neighborhood when I’m walking her. I think she waits for the most awkward time and place on purpose. Good thing she’s cute 😉



  1. AHH pooping in the middle of the stop. NOOO. hahaha. I love that you cut your own hair, I have done this maybe three times in my life, which immediately led to an emergency hair appointment. Not my specialty. HA.

    1. Without fail, every time she poops on a walk she is in the middle of the road or an intersection!!

      I don’t do anything tooo drastic when I cut my hair. I definitely stay away from my bangs haha. That would probably be a disaster if I tried to cut them!

  2. AH! Oreo does that too! He likes to wait to go #2 when we’re in front of the most witnesses. Always. It doesn’t matter if he goes out and poops in the backyard BEFORE a walk, he’ll still go again while we walk. Every time.

    I bet Malcolm will totally climb the tree! I expect to see lots of video of that! Speaking of video… are you still doing vlogs? I loved those!

    1. Lola is exactly the same!! I try to let her out once or twice and she’ll still go #2 at least twice during a walk LOL!

      If Malcolm climbs our tree I will definitely post a video! Hannah and I filmed a vlog this weekend! You inspired me to get back into it 🙂

  3. HA! We just watched Chunkin Punkin last weekend… my husband and my dad had it on all day. Too funny. We want to go next year. I think it’s in DE? Happy Halloween 🙂

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