Our Weekend in Snapshots and Thoughts


Sick day for me. I think I took like four two-hour naps as I got over the stomach bug. Sadie and Jimmy were so good to me ❤️

I kept thinking what day is it? What time is it? I got so confused and in such a weird sleep cycle all weekend!

Mom and daughter laying by modern fireplace.

Making the Switch

Sadie girl made the big switch from a crib to a toddler bed! 

Crib converted to toddler bed

She didn’t give us much of a choice because she figured out how to climb out of her crib, lol. 

It started a few weeks ago when she went through a sleep regression/fear stage. She went from making zero fuss when we laid her down for naps and bedtime in her crib to becoming anxious and tearful at even the mention of sleep. 

We had a few weeks where we had to lay next to her crib (or in it with her…) and hold her hand until she fell asleep and then hope she wouldn’t wake up when we got up and snuck out of her room. She fought naps and would only sleep in the car or stroller because she knew she was with us. She started waking up at 5 am, then 4 am, then 2 am and we were all tired and cranky.

Baby escaping and climbing out of crib

The pediatrician said to re-sleep train her so we put her to bed one night and decided we wouldn’t go back in unless she cried for more than 20 minutes. Jimmy laid her in her crib aaaand a minute later she was at her door because she climbed out of her crib. 

The next day she climbed out of her crib and opened her door during nap time. I was literally losing my sanity! No alone time + a cranky toddler + not enough sleep = sad Allie. 

Here’s what we’ve been doing to help with the big transition:

  • We converted her crib to a bed and talked it up big time.
  • We had her choose a special blanket and stuffed animal from her collection.
  • Got her a night light that she can sleep with.
  • We told her that we would be back after she was done sleeping.
  • Gave her a low dose of children’s melatonin for her first two nights in her bed
  • The first few times she slept in her bed, we would praise her in front of anyone who would listen (usually the dog, cat, her stuffed animals, or extended family).
  • Read a lot of articles from this website and began reading this book.

We reminded ourselves this wouldn’t last forever and I had family and friends encouraging me because those few weeks were h-a-r-d. The first time she slept in her bed by herself it took 20 excruciating minutes for her to settle down… but then she slept! We’re so proud of her! 

Hopefully this post can help if someone else is reading it and going through a similar situation ❤

Fellow parents: have you ever had sleep struggles with your children?