date night

Toddler girl wearing romper and rain boots by garden

Much Needed + Trash

Jimmy and I went on our first date since the onset of COVID restrictions! Whew did we need that time alone. My mother-in-law graciously watched Sadie for a few hours on Friday night while we went out to eat and walked around a few stores.

Toddler with rubber band bracelets

Sader Tot had a blast with her Grandma!

Of course with mostly came home with toys for Sadie (this animal set has been a big hit, as have these puffy stickers), but Jimmy also picked up spirograph and has been having a blast unwinding with it at night and reliving childhood memories. 

On Saturday we picked up trash! Our church gathered together and headed to a local park with a bike trail and picked up litter. 

Group of people picking up litter on trail

I was thinking that we have so much fun with our church family that it doesn’t really matter what we’re doing together.

Sometimes there are hard things, hard work, and hard times, but fellowshipping with our family in Christ makes it all so much better. It’s such a blessing to have a community of believers to spend time with and share our joys, hardships, and everyday life. There’s just nothing like it. 

Other happenings around the Zottola house lately:

  • I planted more mums to spruce up our front porch and literally every time I see them I smile.
  • We filmed another vlog and my favorite part is Sadie helping me plant the mums. 
  • We are on week two of homeschooling and loving it so far. 
  • Our garden is slowing down big time, with mostly tomatoes and peppers growing at this point (sad!). 

How about a few photos?

Mom and toddler smiling

Sadie is going to be two-years-old soon. She is growing and changing so much lately. I can’t wait to share her two year update.

Also, if you could say a prayer for her eye to heal, that would be so, so appreciated! I mentioned that she has a nasolacrimal duct obstruction and that we were trying eye drops for about a month before doing anything invasive.

Her eye hasn’t had any progress so we will be talking to her doctor at her yearly checkup later this month. I know the procedure to unblock the duct isn’t too bad, but who is excited for their child to go through that, you know? I watched a video of the procedure and totally shouldn’t have, LOL.

Purple and orange mums in a black planter

Here’s a look the mums I planted. It’s just a planter filled with happiness for me, haha. 

Toddler girl wearing romper and rain boots by garden

My little garden helper ❤

When we went to clean up litter on the bike trail on Saturday we brought Sadie’s trike along and she was so happy to be pushed around and stayed in it almost the whole time (<– miracle).

I totally thought it would be a disaster to bring a toddler to clean up litter, but she surprised and impressed me! 

Toddler girl riding Radio Flyer tricycle

Last but not least, our Niva girl has been loving the cooler weather lately. She stays outside longer when it’s below 60 degrees and just lays in the yard. It’s adorable and I’m excited to see how she likes the snow this winter.

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but she truly is great with Sadie and we are so incredibly thankful for that. Case in point, Sadie put Niva “night night” by piling her with pillows and a blanket and she just laid there like “okay, sure!” haha. 

Siberian husky with pillows and blankets

Alright, I am signing off here. We’ve got a busy day ahead. Sadie is going to be learning the color yellow today, I’ve got real estate work and some cooking to do, and I’m taking Sadie to her first chiropractor appointment (outside the womb, lol) this evening! 

What are your plans for the day?

I have to admit

I have to admit…

That I am sore from ice skating on Sunday :x! It is true. My lower back must be weak because when I have got out of bed the past two mornings, my back is like “Hey, never go ice skating again unless you make me stronger!”

Okay that was also creepy because I just said one of my body parts talks. No shame 😉

My lower back probably IS weak. I don’t do too much weight lifting because 2-3 hours of swimming a day is enough for me. Now I am wanting to weight lift because I feel like a weakling being sore from ice skating, ahh!

Yesterday I had off of school, as you may know.

It was a nice day filled with fun activities 😉 A little bit of shopping for a winter jacket (because Pittsburgh is cold… more on that later..), a little bit of YUMMY food, a little bit of swimming, and a little it of Jimmy time!

Mom and I went on a hunt for a winter jacket and only ended up paying $60! All of this ‘hunting’ made us hungry so we headed to Max Mex for lunch.

Mad Mex is a chain ‘Tex Mex’ restaurant that originated in California. So it is actually a ‘Cali Mex’ restaurant 😉

Bad quality picture from my phone of chickpea chili. It was very yummy, the chickpeas were not mushy or overly crunchy and the broth was a little thick, just like I like it!

Shrimp + mushroom + spinach + cheese quesedilla. This was SO delicious. I thought it would be overly cheesy or mushy from all of the veggies but it was just right 🙂

After Mad Mex, it was off to swimming and then the movies and dinner with Jimmy for a lil date night!

Hi 🙂

Jimmy & I saw the movie called The Dilemma

It was crazy and very funny. Their was a lot of punching and everyone in the theater (plus me and Jimmy) was laughing out loud-really hard!

After dinner (Panera Bread!) and the movie, Jimmy was nice enough to let me buy him coffee from the Starbucks in the Barnes and Noble. Favorite store. (Both Starbucks and Barnes!!)

I got a new book for 50 Books in 2011

I had to put gas in my truck… and I decided to clean the windows… and Jimmy decided to take a picture of me doing so..

Fun times.

Bible verse of the day:

No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it. 1 Corinthians 10:13

Today = classes, classes, more classes. Maybe some homework too… I probably won’t make it to swimming due to the icy road conditions in Pittsburgh. Speaking of Pittsburgh. We seriously got an ice storm last night.

All of the schools are delayed because the roads are sheets of ice.

Don’t worry… I still have to drive to school. Gotta get my education… even if I slide on ice and DIE in the process.

Haha, that was SO dramatic!

Have a good day today :)!

What is your favorite Starbucks drink? Do you customize it? (I usually get decaf at night!)