Currently: June 2023

June. Already! Not sure how we’re in the sixth month of 2023, but summer begins this month and I am here for it.

Mom and daughter holding hands and walking in creek

We have a few fun things on deck this month: our church’s vacation Bible school, a trip to the Outer Banks, and gymnastics camp for Sadie. Oh, and Mordecai turns seven months old this month!

Here’s all the current things in my life. As always, share your responses to some of these prompts in the comments! (more…)


May Family Night: Out to Eat

We’ve been keeping up with our monthly family nights pretty well this year! We missed April, but picked back up in May with a night out to eat.

We chose a random Tuesday night, booked reservations at a local restaurant, and off we went!

Mom holding baby and while at Firebirds restaurant

The above photo accurately sums up what it’s like to go out to eat with kids! Holding a grabby baby while entertaining an active four year old makes for a fun meal. (more…)