Currently: February 2020

February. It’s here! Is anyone doing anything fun for Valentine’s Day this year? I’m not sure what we’ll be up to, but I’m excited to scheme up something fun 🙂

Daddy is my Valentine shirt on baby

Current book(s) Just finished studying the book of Esther and also finished Listening With My Heart by Heather Whitestone. Now I’m onto this memoir by Marlee Matlin and up next will be this one. Memoir city over here! (<— affiliate links!)

Currently looking forward to A trip with Sadie and Jimmy! We’re going to the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter in Kentucky and we’re pumped! We’ve been wanting to go since it opened a few years back.

Current cuteness Sadie and Mavis waiting for Jimmy to come home from work.

Cocker spaniel and baby on couch together

Current beauty product You know how I mentioned I was using Burt’s Bees coconut foot cream for my dry heels? I’ve moved onto bigger and better things: HeelTastic! I know, it sounds like it’s from an infomercial (who knows, it probably is!), but it’s  roll-on foot balm and it has been working super well and I love that I don’t have to get cream on my hands!

Current project Continuing to learn sign language. I worked another Walmart demo recently and was able to speak sign language to three different customers! It made my whole day to be able to sign and connect with people in that way.

Current fun Our monthly family night! We had a gift card to Cracker Barrel, so we had dinner (it was our first time taking Sadie out to eat with just us three!), went to the play area at a nearby mall, and stopped in a photo booth to cap off the night. It was so special ❤

Dad and daughter at Cracker Barrel

Current food Ritz Crackers. They’ve been hitting the spot lately.

Current drink Starbucks coffee. I had the Sumatra blend this morning and it was fabolous 🙂

Current joy Getting together with family. My family + our spouses and babies spent an evening together eating dinner and watching “the girls” play at my parents’ house. It’s such a blessing to be able to see Remi, Caroline, and Sadie grow up together!

Grandpa with three babies

Current excitement I’m attending a new Bible study at our church that my sister and her husband are leading!

Current blessing I’m slowly beginning to feel better! I got hit with an awful virus (Jimmy thinks it was the flu but I never got tested) that left me feeling so achy, run down, and feverish. It also came with all the symptoms of a head cold like a runny nose, sore throat, headache, etc. but the weirdest thing was that the glands in my neck hurt so badly.

It was crazy. I’m so, so thankful to be on the mend!

Mother and Daughter

Tell me something current in your life!