When Things Break

I hesitate to blog about “hard” things because in reality, I know that situations that have been tough for me are absolutely nothing compared to what others are going through. I always want to keep things real on my blog, though. Reflecting on the hard days helps me realize that God has been so, so good to Jimmy and I and has always carried us through the ups and downs of life.

In April, our washing machine broke. I was using it, and then it just died mid-cycle. Jimmy tried to fix it, but to no avail. In May, my truck broke down and needed a new fuel pump. Thankfully Jimmy was able to replace it and get my old girl up and running again.

Now it’s June and our refrigerator decided to act up.


We got home from the Outer Banks and I noticed the freezer was extra icy. Then we put a thermometer in the fridge a few days later and it was showing the temperature of the fridge was in the 50s and 60s. Jimmy said the only way he could attempt to fix it would be to unplug it and get a good look inside.

Of course, we were wondering what to do as all of our food was already rotting in the warm fridge. Jimmy wasn’t sure if he could fix it or if whatever he fixed would break again soon, so we decided to buy a new fridge with help from my parents. We couldn’t get a refrigerator shipped in for a few days, so it was a long week of shuffling food and trying to figure everything out.

Since April, we’ve become the owners of a new washing machine, fuel pump, and refrigerator. Whew!

Amongst all the crazy, we have been blessed. We were able to buy those appliances, fix my truck, and we’re both alive and healthy. I think we’re doing a-okay 😉

You just never know when things will break, and I’m learning that it’s okay. We have been so blessed by our families. Jimmy’s dad and step mom helped us get the fridge into our house the other night, and my parents helped us afford it.

We are blessed to have our sweet little home. We are blessed to have each other!

Couple smiling against brick wall

I’m learning that I can choose to be thankful and content when things break. Did we want to spend money on all of those things right before we have a baby? No. Did we have a choice? No. I can either have a sour attitude, or choose to reflect on how in the midst of it all, we have been cared for and loved by God and those around us.

Of course, it’s easier said than done to be content and thankful in all situations. I’ve cried my fair share of tears with the stress and craziness of it all (maybe I can blame it on pregnancy hormones… haha), but I really am learning so much each and every day. And for that, I am thankful ❤

Life Lately

Hello! I haven’t posted a life lately post since June, so I thought it would be fun to share everything going on in my neck of the woods.

First and foremost, happy December! I love this month. It’s bustling and joyful and special. With that said, it can also be incredibly overwhelming. Something I especially try to focus on in the month of December is keeping my priorities straight.


Christmas is all about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Period. There are celebrations, gatherings, people to see, cards to send, and things to do. The one thing I want to keep at the forefront of my mind and life is Christ.

Making time each day to read my Bible and have quiet time with God is an absolute priority. After that, I can truly have perspective on this season. I can then serve and give and truly value the relationships I have with loved ones. Basically, giving myself room to breathe and find joy in this season is all about knowing what I value and keeping my priorities straight.


Okay, onto life lately! I’m going to share a few bullet points and pictures to keep things simple 🙂

  • There was a bird inside one of my pet sitting client’s houses and I had to call Jimmy to come over and trap it. He got it into a cardboard box and set it free. He’s the best.
  • This week is a busy one for me at my regular job because the family is having a Christmas party on Saturday. Lots of extra cleaning, food prep, and more. I am beyond thankful to have a job I love. It’s unconventional, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • Seven of Hannah’s 10 (!!) bridesmaids went dress shopping a few days after Thanksgiving. She let everyone choose their own dress and we are all going to wear the same shade of purple. Hannah is so relaxed about her upcoming wedding!
  • My parents took Jimmy and I furniture shopping last weekend. They’re awesome and some of the most generous people I know.
  • My father-in-law and his girlfriend came over last Friday night to watch Gold Rush and have dinner. My FIL was so excited and even ordered ribs from a local BBQ place to bring over. It was such a sweet evening.

How about some pictures?


We had a blast going to three (!!) different furniture stores. We ordered a sectional and then canceled the order because the sectional was too big for our living room, LOL.

My father-in-law relaxing after dinner at our house. He and Malcolm have a special relationship... haha.

My father-in-law relaxing after dinner at our house. He and Malcolm have a special relationship… haha.

The bridesmaid dress I chose! Hannah said as long as it had lace, she was happy. Also, she's having all the bridesmaids wear cowboy boots!

The bridesmaid dress I chose! Just imagine it in light purple. Hannah said as long as it had lace, she was happy. Also, she’s having all the bridesmaids wear cowboy boots!

One of the treats I'm making for the Christmas party the family I work for is hosting this weekend. Can't wait to make these!

One of the treats I’m making for the Christmas party the family I work for is hosting this weekend. Can’t wait to make these!

What’s going on in your life lately?