Malcolm’s Nicknames

Does anyone else nickname their pets? Jimmy and I get kind of ridiculous with this habit. For example, we call Lola “Reebs” more than we call her Lola. That’s another post for another day, though 😉


Below are the nicknames we’ve come up with for Malcolm… so far.

  • Mal
  • Malc
  • Malkie
  • Mallard Duck
  • Melchizedek
  • Planet Head

I should probably explain the last one. When Malcolm is in play mode, his pupils dilate and his eyes look really round. One night, Jimmy and I agreed that even Malcolm’s head seems more round when he’s playing.

Malcolm looked at us and Jimmy was like “If your head was any more round, you’d be a planet.” Now when Malcolm is playing, we just call him Planet Head.

Do you have any silly nicknames for your pets or loved ones?



  1. Hahaha – me have nicknames for pets? Naaa. Brandy — b-rand; B-hud; Hudson; toppy… that’s all I can think of right now for her.
    Reggie ~ reginator; peshy; handsome boy
    Lily – guffy
    Felix- Fe, Fe Fe; feefinator; feezleton

  2. As you know, we nickname every pet here. There is no limit to the amount of nicknames one can make up for their animals 😉

  3. Oh goodness, YES! Oreo has so many nicknames! He is called “Oars” probably more than he is called Oreo, haha! Though, he has a plethora of other nicknames we call him as well just depending on what’s going on. He probably hears his actual name like a handful of times a week because we call him everything else, haha!

    Malcolm is such a cutie! Love the story behind his Planet Head nickname!

    1. I love Oars for Oreo, haha! So cute! Jimmy and I are the same with Lola! We pretty much only refer to her as Lola when we are with other people. I’m glad we’re not the only ones 😉

  4. So my gray cat – Stitchy – has absolutely no nicknames.
    Highstreet, on the other hand? We call him: Fuzzy Meatball, Fuzzy Britches, Bubba (which is what we typically call him), Bubsy, and Bubby-bubbs. Ha ha!!!

  5. I love this! I call them “my” dogs even though they’re at my mom’s house, but I call Colby “Colby Rolby” and Amigo “Migo”, “Migo Baby”, or “Rittle Baby Migo”. And apparently when I talk in a sing songy voice, all the “r” sounds come out….hahaha

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