Sadie at Four Years Old

It’s hard to believe Sadie is four years old now! She is truly such a delight. Here’s how she is growing, learning, and living her best life at age four 💕

Four year old wearing dress and denim jacket (more…)


Malcolm’s Nicknames

Does anyone else nickname their pets? Jimmy and I get kind of ridiculous with this habit. For example, we call Lola “Reebs” more than we call her Lola. That’s another post for another day, though 😉


Below are the nicknames we’ve come up with for Malcolm… so far.

  • Mal
  • Malc
  • Malkie
  • Mallard Duck
  • Melchizedek
  • Planet Head

I should probably explain the last one. When Malcolm is in play mode, his pupils dilate and his eyes look really round. One night, Jimmy and I agreed that even Malcolm’s head seems more round when he’s playing.

Malcolm looked at us and Jimmy was like “If your head was any more round, you’d be a planet.” Now when Malcolm is playing, we just call him Planet Head.

Do you have any silly nicknames for your pets or loved ones?