Sadie at Four Years Old

It’s hard to believe Sadie is four years old now! She is truly such a delight. Here’s how she is growing, learning, and living her best life at age four 💕

Four year old wearing dress and denim jacket

Growth 34.5 pounds (47th percentile) and 3′ 4.25” (63rd percentile).

Wearing 4T and 5T clothes, size 11 and 12 shoes.

Personality Above all, Sadie is friendly and outgoing. She will talk to anyone, young or old. She’s also kind, curious, silly, polite, and creative.

Young child standing in archway at Target

Eating She’s still a picky eater but we can almost always depend on her eating her staples: fruit and veggie pouches, scrambled eggs (which she adorably calls “crinkle eggs”), pancakes, fruit, chex cereal, graham crackers, mac and cheese, popsicles, pizza, and some Italian foods like meatballs and stuffed shells. She likes to drink juice, chocolate almond milk, hot cocoa, and of course water.

Nicknames Sade, Sader Tot, Tot, TT, and T.

Sleeping Girl is an early riser! It’s a miracle if she sleeps past 7:00 am. She typically goes to bed at 8:30 pm and will occasionally nap in the afternoon if she’s tired.

Four year old sitting in booster seat with stuffed wolves

Looks Like Strangers often tell me we look alike, so that’s fun after having her look like a replica of Jimmy during her babyhood 😂

New Skills She knows the letters of the alphabet, numbers 1-13, most shapes, and likes to draw pictures. She’s 95% potty trained and mostly takes herself to the bathroom, can get dressed on her own, and get out of her car booster seat by herself. She helps with feeding Niva and Malcolm and can get her own water and snacks.

Likes Being with people, rearranging home decor, her grandparents and cousins, reading, art projects and drawing, building forts, our pets, going to the library, watching TV, stuffed animals, playing video games with dad, baking with mom, changing clothes, working on house projects with dad, wearing tights and anything fancy/puffy/sparkly, shopping, and playing with Legos and Lincoln Logs.

Mom and dad with daughter sitting on hay at a fall festival

Dislikes Leaving church or her grandparents and cousins.

Favorite Products Pajama set, digital ear thermometer, foldable potty training seat, foaming shampoo and body wash, divided plates, good 2 grow juicesensory necklace, stainless steel straw cups, marker and watercolor pad, Hot Dots books, fort building kit, Zingo game, wooden puzzle, Jesus Storybook Bible books, Under the Nile scrappy dog, kinetic sand, and doctor kit.

Other Notes Sadie is being homeschooled using a pre-k curriculum by Sonlight and enjoys it, she’s now in a booster seat in the car, and she almost exclusively wears dresses. She is a geographical savant. She always knows where we are! Her favorite color is pink and she wants to be a ballerina when she grows up. She’s going to become a big sister in November!

A look back:
Sadie at Three Years Old
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Sadie at Ten Months
Sadie at Five Months

I think that’s everything for Sader Tot at four years old! What a joy she is. I’m continually thanking God that I get to be her mom ❤️



  1. Aww this was such a sweet post to read during my break from work this afternoon. Sadie is a credit to yours and Jimmy’s parenting — she seems like such a happy, joyful little girl. She must be getting very excited about being a big sister, not too long to wait now!

    1. Thank you so much for reading it, Grace! I always wonder if it’s a snooze fest for someone else to read about my child, haha! And your kind words about mine and Jimmy’s parenting… wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

      She keeps asking when baby is coming! I’m like girl… I am ready, too! Haha.

  2. Such a great post!! She is such a joy to YaYa too. I love every second that I get to hang out with her, and watch her grow and thrive as a little preschooler ♥️ I’m so proud of all of her accomplishments, and of her amazing personality.
    She is a very gifted, special girl, with awesome parents.

    1. Ahh, thank you so much!! She is pure joy! I really have found four to be a ton of fun. She’s my little side kick and much more independent, but in the best way haha.

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