Friday Favorites

Hey and welcome to Friday! Today’s post is all about the things that are making me happy lately, are useful, or just plain awesome. Please feel free to share your favorites in the comments section.

Nespresso coffee in a cat mug

Also, let me know what you’re up to this weekend! It’s hard to believe the month of October begins tomorrow. Once we hit October, I can officially say I’m due next month. Eek! Okay, back on track. Let’s talk favorites from life lately 😊

Four year check up. Sadie had her four year check up earlier this week and is doing well! Here’s a full post about our little four-year-old, but basically, she is growing and thriving. We are looking into speech therapy and having her hearing tested again (I’m kind of wondering if the two are connected…), but she is otherwise healthy and doing great!

Wholesale order. My first wholesale order is finished and shipped! Four flavors (peanut butter, cinnamon raisin, banana bread, and coconut almond) of Braid Bakery granola will be in The Iron Bird in Chester Springs, PA very soon! Having my baked goods in a physical store is a dream come true for me. God is so good!

Mom and daughter with 14 pounds of granola for wholesale bakery order

New phone case. We’ve discussed my feelings about technology and the new iPhone. Buuut I haven’t shown my new phone case. It’s pretty cute 😉

Learning toys. I don’t know who is more *into* educational toys, me or Sadie. In all seriousness, I have a few that we have been loving. The spelling/alphabet game pictured below is great, as are these wooden tracing letters, and Sadie is still loving her sand tray.

Girl using Montessori spelling and reading toy from Amazon

Soup. It’s definitely soup season! I cooked an Asian-inspired soup the other day with mushrooms, ginger, roasted red peppers, and spinach and it has been so warming and delicious. I’ve made a few pots of butternut squash soup, and I’m thinking I need to make this or this next.

Art class. Sadie has taken an art class through The Artsmiths of Pittsburgh the past two weeks and really enjoyed it! While karate and swimming were misses, art seems so be a hit with Sader Tot. The studio where the classes are held is in a little downtown area with shops, so we enjoy wandering into the local businesses and have even bought a few things (home decor and hair bows!). Shopping small businesses is the best!

Pre-K art class at Artsmiths of Pittsburgh in Carnegie, PA

Paint. Jimmy picked out paint for baby boy’s room! Yes, I totally let my husband choose paint and make design choices. He’s so talented and creative that I 100% trust him and love seeing what he comes up with. The ceiling is going to be a rusty orange color, the walls will be light gray, and the trim is going to be dark gray. I’ll share pictures as soon as we get things set up!

Cat meme. I have another cat meme. They just get me every time and always make me smile. Does anyone else experience the cat/microphone-type thing with their feline friend? Every morning Malcolm is insistent on being fed (to the point of biting our ankles if we aren’t fast enough 😂) and then once he eats a few bites, he runs into our basement and meows as loud as he can for ten minutes. Cats! They’re cray cray and also the best.

Funny cat meme

Do your pets do anything weird?

What are some of your favorite things from this week?



  1. I just love your blog Allie! I don’t always comment (it’s hard to find two hands with a baby sometimes lol!) but I’m so glad you still blog. I feel like so many people have stopped, and I really look forward to yours. Anyway!! Such a fun roundup. Sadie just seems so happy, her smile is contagious!! Sooo stinkin’ exciting you’re due next month! 😍 praying for a smooth & healthy rest of pregnancy and delivery for you!! Congrats on the whole sale of granola- your granola is seriously some of the BEST I’ve ever tried. So much more I could comment but gonna try to down some breakfast because the little one wakes up 😉 happy weekend!

    1. Thank you SO much, Mackenzie! I know exactly what you mean about not always being able to comment and I totally understand. You have quite the cutie pie keeping you busy!

      Thank you, thank you, thank you for the prayers for the end of pregnancy and the delivery! I need all the prayers I can get!

      And your words about my granola! SO sweet! That means the world to me!

  2. Ginger in soup on a cold day… UGH THE BEST! Haha, whenever it’s cold outside I always crave soup and all the warm things. Haha that cat meme! They are crazy lil beans but I love em

  3. I’m so glad Sadie is enjoying her art classes. She is definitely very talented and intune artistically!
    the cat pic – is definitely Lily and Fe in the night— sorry that I whip a book toward them to make them stop.

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