Friday Favorites

It’s Friday! Also, it’s somehow already the last Friday in August. I’m doing my best to soak up these final weeks of summer weather here in Pittsburgh. Today’s Friday Favorites post is a good one! It includes the arrival of my newest nephew, fall scented cleaning sprays, and more.

Siberian husky on a leash for a walk

Savoring warm weather walks with Niva ❤️

Please feel free to join in with your favorites from the week in the comments. I look forward to hearing what everyone is loving and enjoying each week 😊

Titus has arrived! Okay, I have to start with the best news: my sister had her son on Monday! She had a quick induction, the birth went well, and Titus was born weighing four pounds. Hannah went home on Wednesday, but Titus has to stay in the hospital nursery until he can stabilize his blood sugars and gain some weight. Overall, he is healthy and happy! Answered prayers 🙏

Baby boy born at four pounds

Starting to feel better. Sadie and I got hit with some sort of cold or sickness this week and both had fevers. Poor Sader Tot ran a fever of 104.9 but it came down a bit with Motrin. We’ve both been tired and a little stuffy, but we’re on the upswing!

A potty training help. I’m sure nobody cares too much about this Friday favorite unless they’re in the midst of potty training like us. I figured I’d throw it in just in case your world revolves around toilets like mine does right now. This folding potty seat is pretty amazing for on the go bathroom breaks.

Fall cleaning sprays. I’m totally nesting lately. Organizing everything, decluttering, and cleaning as much as possible. I popped into a local grocery store and these two cleaning sprays pictured below caught my eye. I couldn’t choose just one… so I got both 🙈 What’s your opinion: is it too soon for fall-scented things like cleaning sprays and candles?

Fall scented cleaning sprays from Fresh Thyme Farmer's Market

Reading. As always, reading is a favorite! I finally finished this book on introversion and really enjoyed it. As for fiction, I’m in the middle of my first Kristin Hannah novel, Home Again. Sadie is obsessed with this Pokemon Primer book about colors. Just like her love of Sonic the Hedgehog, I never would have guessed my daughter would be so ~into~ Pokemon, but here we are 😂

Starting school. I wasn’t sure when to start school for Sadie this year because I know we will have a big (and exciting!) interruption in the form of a baby in November. Our local schools started this week and Jimmy and I figured beginning sooner would be better with everything taken into consideration. I was going to do a practice week, but everything was going well so we just dove in! We’re only a week in, but we’re enjoying the Sonlight Pre-K curriculum.

Montessori sand tray. Along the lines of school, I bought this sand tray for Sadie to practice writing letters of the alphabet with and she stinkin’ loves that thing! It can be quite messy (hello, sand everywhere), but it’s worth the mess because it’s a really neat learning tool that feels like a toy to her.

Child using Montessori sand tray to learn to write letters of the alphabet

Leftovers. Are you a leftovers person? I know some people are a hard no on leftovers, but they’re my favorite. I feel like a meal always tastes better the day after it’s made and there’s something about the ease of grabbing food out of the fridge instead of having to cook it fresh each night. I usually cook one or two main dishes (like a meat, fish, bean, or tofu dish) and some sides (potatoes, cornbread, pasta, sautéed greens, salad, or roasted veggies) and we just eat different combinations of those on repeat all week. Anyways, all that to say, there were some leftovers after our baby sprinkle and we have been enjoying allll the meatballs, stuffed shells, pulled pork (my favorite!), and spicy chicken.

What are some of your favorites this week?

Is it too soon for fall scents?

Do you like leftovers?



  1. I definitely have to start with Titus being born healthy (although tiny – nicknamed at the hospital by the doctors and nurses as Mighty Titus :))
    Facetiming with Sadie and literally cracking up at some stuff she does and says. She is seriously growing up WAY TOOOOOO QUICKLY.
    Being able to see all of my 6 grandchildren this week 🙂

    It’s definitely time for fall scents! They’re my favorites – I could leave the fall wallflower scents plugged in all year!

    I LOVE LEFTOVERS! I am very picky as to how long I keep them in the fridge though (some say I throw stuff away too early – aka DAD).

  2. Congrats to your sister! Glad the delivery went well and and baby boy is doing good 😊

    Oooh that sand looks like so much fun! Kind of reminds me of a more tactile version of etch a sketch

  3. Yay for Titus being born!! ❤

    The sand tray looks fun! Writing letters in the sand at our local "beach" is exactly how we started too! There's something about sand that is just perfect for writing in!

  4. Tiny but fierce – I’m so glad Titus arrived safely and both mother and son are healthy. I like most things as leftovers and am always excited when I have something I love as leftovers to eat for lunch!

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