Sorta Silent Sunday

Hello hello and welcome to Sunday! I hope everyone is having a good weekend. Jimmy and I were planning on going to a marriage seminar at our church on Friday and Saturday, but Jimmy ended up having a high fever on Friday that lasted into Saturday.

Since we couldn’t go to the seminar, we had a pretty relaxed weekend–Jimmy watched a lot of movies while he was feeling under the weather, my mother-in-law hung out with Sadie on Saturday, and I did lots of cooking, cleaning, and household tasks.

Enough of my talking, though! Today’s post is mostly pictures of life lately with some words sprinkled in 😊

Dad and daughter napping on couch

Sadie and Jimmy napped together on Friday afternoon. Poor guy was so feverish! He’s doing much better now, though πŸ™

Four pound baby boy born at 37 weeks

Hello from baby Titus! He is holding his blood sugars steady and growing like a champ. Hannah is hoping to bring him home from the hospital Monday or sometime this week! He’s too cute and I cannot wait to meet him 😍

Pittsburgh Post Gazette Weekend Edition

I picked up the weekend paper on Saturday. Sometimes grabbing the paper is just the best. Definitely my preferred way to get news in this day and age. When I lived with my mom and dad, we would always grab the Sunday paper. Now if one of us buys it, we read it and pass it on to the others.

Girl doing math with Sonlight curriculum

Sadie was doing her math lesson in this picture! She seems to enjoy the tactile style of learning. She’s always picking things up and turning them over in her hands, so being able to use beads to count was something she connected with 😊

Granola packaged in blue tissue wrap for Etsy order

I think packing up Etsy orders in pretty tissue wrap and ribbon is half the fun for me!

Guy laying on couch with Siberian huskies

Niva had her husky friend sleep over recently and they both snuggled with Jimmy in the morning! Sometimes I think it would be great to have two dogs so Niva could have a friend to play with 24/7, but we are definitely at capacity in our small home. For now, she enjoys play dates and sleepovers!

Toys under washcloths

Sadie was busy playing one morning and I stumbled upon what she was up to later on. She put all of her toys to bed under our washcloths πŸ˜‚

Cat laying on sleeping girl

Nap time with Malcolm πŸ–€

Girl and husky napping on couch together

Nap time with Niva πŸ’–

Starbucks toasted vanilla oat milk shaken espresso

Enjoyed an iced espresso drink from Starbucks! I heard their fall menu is coming out soon and I’m excited!

Tell me about your weekend!

What was the last picture you took?



  1. I am so behind in taking pictures, because I’ve been so busy with my photography “business”. So I need to do a better job this month, because I love the simple memories. πŸ™‚
    And YES, I think the Starbucks fall menu just hit my local store. I cannot wait to get a pumpkin latte from there!!! Ha, ha. πŸ™‚

  2. So many naps with pets in this post! Loving it! Also, Sadie putting all of her little figurines to bed in the washcloths is adorable!

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