Mother’s Day 2020

We had a lovely Mother’s Day in the Zottola household!

Succulents in decorative pot and yellow tulips

My mother-in-law and sister-in-law gifted me succulents and beautiful yellow tulips!

It started with Jimmy bringing everyone into bed to wake me up. Having Jimmy, Sadie, Malcolm, and Niva all piled into bed is one of my favorite ways to wake up. It’s total chaos, but the best kind.

We had church online, and then Jimmy ordered us Starbucks coffee and it was glorious! I had a tall blonde roast with cream and he had a cafe misto. 

I got to do some of my most favorite things:

  • Watercoloring
  • Worked on our garden
  • Took a family walk around our neighborhood

Watercoloring and Starbucks coffee

We also got the grass cut and weed whacked while Sadie was napping, and then finished out the day with the evening church service online.

Afterwards, I did a bit of real estate work while Jimmy worked on our dryer.

Broken dryer

I turned it on the other day and heard a loud noise + saw a flash. We turned it on and it seemed like it was working, but we quickly figured out it wasn’t actually drying anything because the heating element broke. Hopefully we’ll get it back in working order soon 🙂

How was your Mother’s Day?

Coffee Dates and House Updates

It’s the end of January! Winter is in full swing, so Sadie and I have been keeping warm by having Starbucks dates most mornings and it’s one of my most favorite parts of the day.

Baby eating pouch at Starbucks

I pack her a little breakfast and a few books and we go to our Starbucks and find a table to read and hang out. I’ve been enjoying the veranda blend coffee with cream and the special time with Sadie girl.

We’ve been using the winter months to work on a few house updates and projects and it has been so nice to tackle a few items that have been on our to-do list for too long!

First on the list was a new office space for me. Sadie’s nursery was our home office, so I was in need of a space of my own (aka not the kitchen table, lol) since I work from home.

Wall mounted desk and filing

My office space is now in our “closet room” which is a bedroom that we use as our closet because our closets are teeny tiny. We added a wall-mounted desk and a cute filing organizer and I feel so much less discombobulated when I’m working. It’s just so lovely to have my own space!

Jimmy also built a mesh wall rack to hang pots and pans in our kitchen.

Rack to hang pots and pans in kitchen

He literally built that in a few hours. He never ceases to amaze me with his welding talent and creative abilities. Also, do you like our back door?! We need to add one more coat of paint, but I am loving the yellow! It makes it feel so sunny in our kitchen and I smile every time I see it.

Last but not least, we put a coat and shoe rack up in our basement for when we come home and need to take off our shoes and jackets. It definitely makes coming and going a lot more streamlined!

Industrial coat and shoe rack

Do you use the winter months to take on indoor projects?

What’s your favorite type of coffee?