Currently: September 2022

September! I feel like September is a turning point in the year. Many kids go back to school, the weather begins to transition, and if you’re like me, you start thinking about the holidays! Yes, it’s true. I have been scouting out Christmas gifts for my nieces and nephews already πŸ™ˆ

Back to here and now, though! This post is all about what’s current for my life this month. As always, join me in the comments and share what you’re up to this month 😊

Black cat sitting on girl on couch

Current booksΒ I’m reading Created to Be His Helpmeet and Strong, Brave, Loved. Sadie and I have been reading the Dragon series of chapter books by Dav Pilkey and she thinks they are the funniest thing ever. She literally laughs so hard! I used to love these books as a child, so it’s extra fun to read them with my child.

Current blessing After a week in the hospital following his birth, my sister brought home her son, Titus! He’s doing great and Hannah is so happy to have her family under one roof. I finally got to hold him on Wednesday night and I can affirm that baby snuggles are the best πŸ€—

Current cuteness Sadie holding Titus! She was smiling so hard and kept touching his little nose and kissing his head.

Young girl holding your pound baby

Current excitement My sister and I are collaborating on an interview series here on the blog about her experience with having a growth restricted baby that had to stay in the hospital. Hannah is so full of wisdom and has such a great outlook on life. I love her and can’t wait to share more of her story!

Current foodΒ I have a few! I made butternut squash soup because I was craving some fall food and it hit the spot. Also enjoying chobani peanut butter packets as part of an on the go snack (love the social justice aspect of them, too) and I’m totally obsessed with these mint chocolate cookies. They’re like crunchy thin mint Girl Scout cookies 🀀

Current fun I got Sadie a wooden alphabet bead stringing kit and we’ve been necklace and bracelet making machines! As a bonus, it has her asking me how to spell different names, so it feels educational and fun πŸ˜‰

Melissa and Doug wooden alphabet stringing beads

Current need A new frying pan. I literally make pancakes every single morning and the nonstick-ness (totally a word 😜) wore off of ours. If you have any recommendations for good brands of frying pans or skillets, let me know!

Current drink It’s September, so I don’t feel bad saying this… pumpkin spice oat milk. It’s divine! I think it would be really great with iced coffee, but I’ve only had it plain so far.

Current baked good Gluten free chocolate chip cookies. I baked some for a church fellowship recently!

Gluten free chocolate chip cookies

Currently looking forward to Sadie’s fourth birthday party! It’s coming up quickly and I think planning and anticipating it is half the fun πŸ₯³

Current laughΒ I have two! First: My mom told me that her cat figured out how to flip open her and my dad’s butter dish and has been secretly eating their butter each night. She now has to put a rubber band around it to keep it safe from their butter thiefΒ πŸ˜‚

Second: My friend from church baked my sister lactation cookies and my mom was watching Hannah’s other two kids recently and saw the cookies on the counter. She and Lawson (Hannah’s older son) unknowingly split and enjoyed a lactation cookie, LOL.

Current joy Homeschooling Sadie. She’s been learning how to use scissors and it’s the coolest thing to watch her “get it” right before my eyes.

Preschooler learning how to use scissors

Current craving As always, a nap. Baby boy woke me up at 3:00 am the other morning and I promise you he was doing yoga in my belly haha. I know one wakeup call at night will seem like a cakewalk compared to him being outside the womb in November, though πŸ˜‚

Current winΒ Securing our fence. Guys, Niva escapes our fence constantly. She jumps over it (and we added an extension!), she digs under it, and she squeezes in the smallest gaps. It’s insane. Jimmy made some steel fence barriers to put in the ground and we’re hoping this keeps her in. Siberian huskies are wonderful dogs, but total Houdinis.

Current pet product Okay, so it’s not exactly a pet product, but it has to do with pets. I saw this sign and had to get it because it’s so true.

Our cat lets us live here funny sign

Current prayer For a good, uneventful, and safe rest of pregnancy. Things have been going smoothly and I’m praying that continues as I go through the third trimester with baby boy πŸ’™

Current question What are you most looking forward to this month? I’m excited to celebrate Sadie turning four-years-old at her birthday party and on her actual birthday! I’m also pumped to decorate for fall πŸ‚

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What’s current in your life this month?



  1. If you have a T J Max in your area, they sell good priced T-fal fry pans, that are excellent!
    I sure hope you stay healthy and safe for the remainder of your pregnancy, and have a healthy baby boy! I, also, hope Sadie has a wonderful birthday! Love you! Aunt Aud

  2. I made a bunch of lactation energy bites when I was nursing and they were a hit with the entire family! I *STILL* make them to this day (though I leave out the brewer’s yeast). Christopher is already looking forward to having those in stock again this winter, haha!

    Aww, planning Sadie’s 4th birthday party!! So much fun! Looking forward to hearing all about it!

  3. Love these currently posts! I’m also excited for September /October because of the cooler weather. Also awesome that you will be collaborating with your sis. Love it when stories and experiences are shared!

  4. Love to see Rue’s doppelganger. And it’s so true that the cat lets the humans live in their house. Haha! It’s also hilarious that your mom’s cat figured out how to open up the butter dish. That sounds like something Rosie would do.

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