Husky sitting on girl

Fence Extensions, Reading, and a Thrift Find

Hello and Happy Tuesday! How is your week going so far? Poor Jimmy had a long day yesterday. He had to travel to West Virginia for work and was gone from 6:00 am to 8:30 pm. He’s such a hard worker. He (and my dad–thanks, dad!) also spent most of the day on Saturday working on our fence extension. 

We’re hoping the extra few feet of fence keeps our pupperoni pizza in our yard! 

Husky sitting on girl

I filmed a vlog on Saturday, too! It features the oh-so-exciting fence, my parents loving on Sadie, some cleaning, Sadie getting her nails painted, a bonfire, and more. It was a good day 🙂

I’m still loving reading fall-themed books with Sadie. My mom gave this one to Sadie and she has had us read it about 839 times since Saturday.

Grandpa reading to grandchild

Sadie and I went thrifting together again! There’s a Goodwill outlet store near our house, so we popped in and Sadie scored a new dress.

Everything is sold by weight at the outlet stores, so her dress cost $0.32. I can’t wait to see her wear it! 

Gymboree toddler dress from thrift store

I also bought a mini Christmas tree at the thrift store that I’m going to try and revamp this week. I’ll take some before and after pictures when I get the chance! 

Before I finish out this post, let’s talk books.

–> I just finished Runaway Amish Girl and found it absolutely fascinating. The author decided to leave her Amish life at age 18 and earned her GED and put herself through college. Along with that, she had to adjust to a new culture without the support of her family.

–>Now I’m onto Etched in Sand and it’s intense. The author and her siblings survived an abusive childhood but chose to rise above and depend on each other. 

–> Last but not least, I finished a devotional in the Bible app called Quieting the Shout of Should, which is based off of a book with the same name and now I’m adding that to my to-read list 😉

What are you reading?

Do you have a to-read list?

What did you do this weekend?



  1. Well, my reading has been horrible lately ~ I’ve been in such a slump. I need to get moving as I have so many books piled up to read 😣
    I had a blast this weekend with you and your amazing family. I truly think the fence extension will help keep Niva girl in your yard.
    Love you!

    1. I know you can get out of your reading slump!! I also know you’re busy with all the grandbabies and work, so I don’t blame ya one bit!

      Thank you so much for coming over this weekend!! Fingers crossed the fence extension works for Niva 🙂

      Love you! ❤

    1. Ohh, I’ll have to look up that book! And isn’t it wild that things are sold by weight at the Goodwill Outlet?! It makes for inexpensive clothing, but then things that are heavy aren’t always a great deal, lol.

  2. That is such a long day for Jimmy wow!

    My to read list is sooo long! I keep it on Goodreads so if I’m out or at a library I can quickly add a book to it. It’s a blessing and a curse. Currently I’m reading The Book of Lost Friends and it’s good

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