Life Changed, Peach, and Other Happy Things

It’s official, my life has been changed by a stand mixer. Why didn’t I get one sooner?! What was I doing with my life?

Toddler girl sitting on counter looking at kitchenaid mixer making bread

So thankful my sister-in-law was willing to let me adopt it. I’ve already used it more in a few days than she had in a few years, so we are both happy it’s getting some use!

I’ve made a few loaves of bread and brownies with it and it’s so nice to be able to walk away from it and not have messy hands from kneading bread.


An Exciting Launch For A Friend!

I was at church recently and started talking to my sister-in-law’s sister and found out she’s launching a boutique! I’ve known Cayla since we were teenagers and always loved her sense of style, so it’s awesome to see her pursue this dream.

Cayla One Free Label

Here’s a bit of background from Cayla on starting this journey.