Sadie’s First Bee Day Party

Now that it’s been six months since Sadie’s first birthday party, it’s about time I blogged about it!

First birthday

My parents graciously offered up their house for Sadie’s party and they really helped make the day so special! We celebrated her big day in late September, the weekend after she turned one, and couldn’t have asked for better weather or company!

I thought it would be fun to have a bee-themed party, so we took that and ran with it, haha. We called it her “bee day party” and even found these adorable invitations. My sister lent us a bumble bee dress her daughter had been given (I called it a hand-me-up since Sadie is older than Caroline, lol) and I had an absolute blast making cupcakes and treats.

Bee cupcakes

Bee themed chocolate covered pretzels

My mom and dad full-out spoiled Sadie by having a bounce house and games at her party! It was truly so much fun for the kids and adults. There’s just something about bounce houses, you know?

We grilled up hamburgers and hot dogs and had all sorts of picnic-y sides like pasta salad and chips.

Bounce house and skee ball

We invited our families and church family and just spent a few hours enjoying everyone’s company, agreeing on how fast Sadie’s first year went, and watched her eat cake and open gifts.

It was such a special day that I’m going to cherish forever. Writing this post has me smiling all over again when I think about what an amazing day it was ❤

Baby with stuffed bumble bee

First birthday

Mom and baby at first birthday party

Baby at first birthday eating cake

Bee themed first birthday cupcakes and chocolate covered pretzels

Family photo with bounce house



  1. Such a cute theme! Simple but fun! It’s crazy that it’s been 6 months since she turned one, I feel like you just posted about it (in a more casual way) haha

  2. It was such a fun and special day!! I’m so glad you blog so Sadie will be able to look back and see how special her first bee-day was!!
    Before you know it we will be planning #2 😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Love you beautiful mama!
    P.s. you really should have a business baking and making snacks for children’s (and adults!)

    1. It really was so special and fun! I’m super glad I have all these memories for her to look back on, too! Don’t even remind me how soon she will turn two. INSANE! I love you! ❤

  3. Oh my goodness, how adorable!!! You made those cupcakes? They’re absolutely perfect! And yes, bounce houses bring out the kid in all of us, for sure. I love that it was not only a special day for Sadie, but also that it was so much fun for your church family, friends, and family too. Those are the best kind of days!
    Happy late birthday to a beautiful little girl!!!

  4. Such a cute theme! This is absolutely perfect. And that last photo – of your siblings and all your kids and your parents – I hope you framed it for your folks! Such a beautiful family.

  5. Ok this is too cute for words!!!!! I just adore everything about this!!! How creative… and cute. Did I mention it’s all just too darn cute?! hehe. Happy Birthday to Sadie (even though I’m a tad late 😉 ).

  6. Everything about this party was sooo cute, Allie! The whole bee theme & calling it a “bee day party” was so genius lol. Love that the adults played in the bounce house, too. & my gosh, you need open your own bakery!!

    1. Ah, thank you Hunida! I had so much fun planning her party and then actually celebrating! And thank you so much for the bakery compliment!! That means so much to me 🙂

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