Sadie’s Fourth Birthday Party

Sadie’s fourth birthday party is in the books! I’m pretty sure I was just blogging about her first birthday, though?! We spent Friday evening with our families celebrating our spunky, friendly, and sweet Sadie girl!

Mom and daughter at Sonic the Hedgehog birthday party

We had the party a little early this year because we have a family reunion the weekend of her actual birthday and wanted to have summer weather for the celebration. Sadie requested a Sonic the Hedgehog and Pokemon party, so that is just what we did! The weather was perfect: 70s/80s with sunshine and a nice breeze.

We picked out all sorts of Sonic and Pokemon decor, borrowed my brother’s bounce house, had a poke ball piñata, and Sadie asked for strawberry cupcakes as her special treat.

Oh and the food was divine! My mom and dad offered to pick up food from one of their favorite restaurants, so that took a lot of work off my plate. Everyone brought side dishes, and we all hung out and enjoyed the evening 😊

Sonic the Hedgehog and Pokemon cupcakes for kids birthday partyPikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog cupcakes

The cupcakes were a hit! I thought it was funny that Sadie asked for strawberry cupcakes because she never eats the cake part, only the frosting. I think she just wanted them to be pink–her favorite color!

Also, if you see Sadie in a bunch of different outfits in these pictures, it’s because she changed her clothes at least three to four times during her party. Classic Sader Tot 😂

Girl wearing Pokemon sweatshirt and pink party hatMom holding daughter wearing a Sonic the Hedgehog dress

We didn’t have a big gathering, just family, but it was perfect. When I asked Sadie what her favorite part of her party was, she said “Bobby!” which is what she calls my sister’s daughter, Caroline. Hopefully that isn’t confusing 😆

The only kids there were Sadie and my sister’s kids: Caroline, Lawson, and little Titus. They had such a good time. The older three played in the bounce house, checked out Sadie’s new toys, and hung out around the yard. Titus? He got allllll the snuggles 🤗

Girl holding four pound baby in bounce house

Sadie holding Titus in the bounce house 💙

Two girl cousins in power wheel car

Sadie and Caroline riding in Sadie’s “beep beep” 🚗

Everyone who came to the party got a Pokemon temporary tattoo and a party hat! We smashed that Poke ball piñata, and it was a joy to watch Sadie’s delight over all of her gifts.

She got some fun stuff: lots of candy from her uncle Nick, a Sonic remote controlled car from her Pappy and Gramma K, Lincoln logs from Grandma Darla and Joey, a Pikachu bath towel from Hannah’s family, and a new big girl bed from my mom and dad… just to name a few. She is one loved and spoiled little gal!

Girl holding Sonic the Hedgehog remote controlled carGirl hitting Pokemon poke ball pinata

It was so sweet singing happy birthday. Sadie knew what was going on and was excited. She danced and hugged her cousin and blew out her candle all by herself. What a special night ❤️

Now it’s Saturday afternoon as I type up this post and we’ve spent the day alternating between cleaning up and playing with Sadie’s toys. This age is so awesome. I love being Sadie’s mom and I’m excited to celebrate her actual birthday later this month!

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  1. The party was a blast! It’s always a good time at party’s and picnics at your house!
    Sadie understands more now about her birthday and that is a joy to see.
    Love 💕 you

  2. Whoa! I can’t believe she’s four. What a fun party. It seems like it was just perfect for her and everything she wanted. I absolutely love that she changed clothes a few times. Ava approves of such an approach. I also love that she calls her cousin Caroline Bobby. Haha! So cute. Kids are hilarious.

    1. Is Ava an avid clothes-changer, too?! It’s so fun to see the outfits Sadie comes up with! I can’t believe she’s turning four, either. I can still remember when you posted the first baby picture of Ava and now she’s in school and reading! Kids truly are hilarious with the stuff they say. Your So Ava and Owen Say posts are some of my absolute favorites!

  3. It was such a perfect little party- and Sadie had the time of her life ♥️
    I also just remembered her talking to the older gentleman in dollar tree that day and her sweetly letting him know that ‘today was her birthday party’ And that sweet smile and amazing personality got her gifted $2.00 from a perfect stranger 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
    Go Sader Tot!

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