Working, A Dog Portrait, and Other Fun

It’s currently Saturday night as I start this post. We’re all cuddled up on the couch watching the children’s movie Luck. It caught our eye because it features a black cat! We’ve got blankets and popcorn, but don’t go thinking it’s all perfect over here. We just had to pause the movie so I could use a deep cleaning vacuum on one of our couches because… potty training 🥴

Potty training isn’t what I’m here to talk about today, though! I’m here to talk about random things like coffee at home, work, and gift giving. So, let’s talk!

Girl and dad laying on white loft bed with cat

New bed! We spent pretty much the whole day disassembling Sadie’s crib and moving things around her bedroom to set up her new bed. Well, Jimmy did the assembling and disassembling part, but I did lots of organizing and cleaning. We’re not quite done with the project, but we’re making progress!

Sadie was very excited to see her new bed. My mother-in-law picked her up this morning and watched her until late afternoon so we could work child-free today make it a surprise and it was so sweet seeing Sader Tot’s reaction! She didn’t even know what to do. She got the biggest smile on her face and snuggled up on her new blankets. I’m working on a full bedroom update post soon! I know everyone who reads this blog is super invested whole process 😜

Coffee at home. While I love a good Starbucks drink, I’ve been having fun making iced coffee at home lately. I recently found some flavored coffee syrups (maple donut, french vanilla, and pumpkin spice!), bought iced coffee at the grocery store and look forward to my crafted concoctions every day 😬

I usually fill a large cup about halfway with ice, then add a splash of coffee syrup, and fill the cup the rest of the way with iced coffee and oat milk.

Black lab portrait from Etsy

Gift giving. My brother-in-law’s birthday was on Friday and we gave him a framed portrait of a black lab because he loves his pup, Peach. He takes her to work with him every day and she’s his little sidekick. My brother-in-law is also into art. As soon as I found the portrait on Etsy, I knew it was just right! He hung it up in his kitchen and said he loves it. Gift giving is my favorite 🥰

New cooking oils. I usually cook and bake with coconut, canola, or olive oil. I recently added truffle oil and sesame oil to my collection and have been having fun trying them out in different recipes. So far, I like sautéing greens like kale, spinach, and chard in sesame oil and cooking soups and roasting vegetables with truffle oil. It’s crazy how a small change like a new oil can make food taste totally different!

Mom and daughter painting stepping stone

Craft intuition. I recently picked up a paint your own stepping stone kit but had no specific plans for it. A day after that, our neighbor was at our house and was admiring some of the stones Sadie had painted and I instantly thought of the kit I just bought and asked if she wanted Sadie to paint her one for her house and she said yes. So fun! We spent some time earlier this evening painting the stone together and decorating it with glitter. Can’t wait to give it to her 💕

Weather. Here I am talking about the weather 🙈 The past couple of days haven’t been so humid in Pittsburgh. In fact, Sadie and I were outside the other morning and she actually complained of being cold. It was weird! What’s the weather like near you? We’ve been having sunshine and warm (but not too hot) days and I love it.

Working from home desk

Working in chunks. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve had a list of real estate work that I needed to do. I was having such a hard time finding a good amount of time to just churn out the work. It’s hard to work on a mailer or create an email marketing campaign in small increments of time with a child running around and basket full of laundry staring at me.

I had a more pressing real estate project pop up and it was the perfect opportunity to head to my parent’s house and work while Sadie hung out with my mom. I literally got so. much. stuff. done in a few hours. At home, it would have taken me twice as long with double the interruptions 😂

Starting to think about school. I went through Sadie’s curriculum for the year and ordered some supplies I forgot to get. I think we’re going to do a test week with the new-to-us curriculum (we chose Sonlight) and see if there’s anything we need to adjust or change. After that, I’ll pick a start day for the 36 week program with breaks planned for holidays and such. It’s crazy to be thinking of a new school year already!

Well, I somehow finished this post before the movie ended! Those were all the random things I wanted to share today. Now it’s your turn 🤗

What have you been up to this weekend?

What’s your work situation like?

Tell me your favorite coffee or tea order/recipe!



  1. We’ve had drought conditions here in the UK, there’s a hosepipe ban coming into force soon as there just hasn’t been enough rain to fill up the reservoirs. It was very humid yesterday and I thought there was going to be a storm but it didn’t arrive.

    I made iced coffee at home for the first time this summer. It was entirely my own recipe so I’m not sure if it’s the ‘right’ way to make it, but it tasted good. I also add oat milk to mine 🙂

    Ooh I love sesame oil, especially for stirfries. And I make a tasty broccoli dish with a sesame oil dressing.

    I agree, giving gifts is the best! I love spending time choosing thoughtful gifts, and also sometimes just buying little surprise things for the people I love.

    My weekend was lovely, I went for a 10-mile walk with my boyfriend and we got coffee and a picnic lunch 🙂

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