Birthday gift

Working, A Dog Portrait, and Other Fun

It’s currently Saturday night as I start this post. We’re all cuddled up on the couch watching the children’s movie Luck. It caught our eye because it features a black cat! We’ve got blankets and popcorn, but don’t go thinking it’s all perfect over here. We just had to pause the movie so I could use a deep cleaning vacuum on one of our couches because… potty training ­čą┤

Potty training isn’t what I’m here to talk about today, though! I’m here to talk about random things like coffee at home, work, and gift giving. So, let’s talk!

Girl and dad laying on white loft bed with cat (more…)


Foodie Weekend

This past weekend was a lil foodie weekend for me!

Friday I had white bean chili for dinna. The recipe is on my recipe page!

Granola bar & orange for snacks @ workie on Saturday.

Dinner @ Panera on Saturday. Black bean soup, apple, and tuna sandwich!

Sunday lunch @ Market District!! Salad, steamed veg, bbq beans, salmon patty, and fruit w/ yogurt & granola.

THIS is why I love my boyfriend. He cuts watermelon for me <3333

PB chocolate protein drink. It was clumpy ­čśŽ I think because I mixed it with soymilk… does anyone know if you aren’t supposed to mix soymilk + protein powder?


In other news:

I have to work tonight and get my boy boy a birthday gift sometime before Thursday. (ANY┬árecommendations?! PLZZZZ!) Still no running for me and still enjoying the rest! My body seriously feels amazing ­čÖé I did some yoga this weekend and it felt great to stretch!

Hope everyone has a lovely Monday!