A Touch of Sun

Pittsburgh was graced with temperatures in the high 50s/low 60s and a touch of sun yesterday and I felt like a new woman! Add in my mom watching Sadie for the day and I really felt spoiled 😊

First I took my girls on a Starbucks date (and made sure to get my mom some caffeine too because a day with Sadie requires it 😉). Niva enjoyed her puppuccino, Sadie ordered a vanilla milk, and my mom and I both got regular ol’ coffee.

Husky at Starbucks (more…)

Recent Pictures

Hello. I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Mine was spent with Jimmy and his family. We played some games, relaxed, cooked stuffed cabbage, and went to Wednesday night Bible study later on. It was a relaxing and lovely day!

Here are some recent pictures that I want to share…

Hannah Banana! I watched her practice a school presentation before she began her Christmas break. She told me that her class was studying China, and that they ordered Chinese takeout for lunch the day of her presentation!