Recent Pictures

Hello. I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Mine was spent with Jimmy and his family. We played some games, relaxed, cooked stuffed cabbage, and went to Wednesday night Bible study later on. It was a relaxing and lovely day!

Here are some recent pictures that I want to share…

Hannah Banana! I watched her practice a school presentation before she began her Christmas break. She told me that her class was studying China, and that they ordered Chinese takeout for lunch the day of her presentation!


I wrapped up my fall semester yesterday. I’d like to say that it felt good, but I actually ended the day in tears. Not cool Allie, not cool.

I headed to campus to present my senior research project, which is kind of a big deal at Penn State. I wasn’t too nervous because I had practiced the presentation almost every day since Thanksgiving, and wrote a 46 page paper on my topic.