Life Lately in Pictures

Hi and happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas 😊

I’ll be blogging all about ours later this week but I wanted to share some pictures from the days before the holiday first. There’s something so special about the weeks leading up to Christmas. It’s an exciting and busy time!

So, here are some photos of what life looked like for us in the time before Christmas 🎄

Toddler girls and baby wearing matching blue plaid dresses

Sadie picked out her dress for church on the Sunday before Christmas and we were happily surprised when her cousins Remi and Raven showed up wearing the same dress!

Unplanned cousin matching for the win Of course we had to do a little photoshoot😬

Milestones and Motorcycles

Sadie and I went on a little coffee date at Starbucks the other day after running some errands for my Etsy shop and we hit a big milestone post-pandemic: we sat inside and enjoyed our treats for the first time in over a year. I was so happy when I saw that the tables were opened back up for dining again!

Another milestone? We’re back to in-person story time at the library. So many happy things! I filmed a vlog on the day we hit those little/big milestones and it includes all sorts of randomness, including me getting bit by a small wildlife creature 😂