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February Family Night: Celebrating Valentine’s Day

We had our monthly family night for February and had a great little family date! I truly look forward to these nights spent together so much.

Family selfie at Walnut Grill in Pittsburgh

We started off our evening at Walnut Grill for dinner! I had a gift card, so we booked reservations and had an interesting experience. Mordecai started out crying (we woke him up from a nap… ugh) and Sadie had been up since 4:45 am and was tired.

Our food and service was so-so buuut we didn’t have to do dishes or prep food so I’m calling it a win! It was Mordecai’s first time at a restaurant and our first time all having a meal out together 💜

Girl eating Mac and cheese at Walnut Grill in Pittsburgh

After we ate, we drew names and separated to Valentine’s Day shop for each other! Each paper with our names on it had prompts like “my favorite memory with you is…” and “my biggest prayer for you is…” to make the gift giving a little more special and thoughtful!

Jimmy drew Sadie’s name and Sadie drew mine so they went out together. I drew Jimmy’s name and Mordecai drew Sadie’s name, so we shopped together. We always keep it pretty simple and low budget.

Sadie picked out a necklace for me, Jimmy got Mordecai toy construction vehicles. Mordecai “gave” Sadie markers and a smell Lego kit and I gave Jimmy cookies and coffee!

Girl drawing on a sketch pad with markers and colored pencils

Sadie using her new writing utensils!

We all met back at the house to exchange gifts. Sadie had fallen asleep in the car on the way home and Mordecai was ready for bed, but we all stayed up a little later to give each other our gifts.

It was a sweet family night and I’m already looking forward to the next one!


Working, A Dog Portrait, and Other Fun

It’s currently Saturday night as I start this post. We’re all cuddled up on the couch watching the children’s movie Luck. It caught our eye because it features a black cat! We’ve got blankets and popcorn, but don’t go thinking it’s all perfect over here. We just had to pause the movie so I could use a deep cleaning vacuum on one of our couches because… potty training 🥴

Potty training isn’t what I’m here to talk about today, though! I’m here to talk about random things like coffee at home, work, and gift giving. So, let’s talk!

Girl and dad laying on white loft bed with cat (more…)