Pregnancy Diary September 14th: The Third Trimester So Far

Well, here we are. In the third trimester! Time feels like it’s going by way too quickly. I feel like I was just sharing the big news and now I’m nearing the end of this journey.

Girl at 30 weeks pregnant

Here’s the bump at 30 weeks!

Overall thoughts

I told Jimmy the other day that baby boy has been pretty good to me this pregnancy. I feel like I’ve had less complications than I did with Sadie’s pregnancy, or that maybe things don’t seem as big of a deal as they did the first time? Or maybe I don’t have as much time to worry as I did during my first pregnancy now that I have an almost four-year-old keeping me busy.

Glucose Test Results

The last time I posted a pregnancy diary entry, I was 26 weeks and was literally in the middle of taking my glucose test. The good news: I passed! By the skin of my teeth 🙃 If my glucose levels were less than 135 mg/dl, then I passed. Mine were… drumroll, please… 130 mg/dl! It has felt wonderful not to test my blood sugar levels four times a day and worry about carbohydrate counts!

Iron Infusions and Anemia

I have five IV iron infusions behind me in this pregnancy, and have a followup appointment for bloodwork with my hematologist next month. Fingers crossed I don’t need any more infusions and that I’m not anemic, or at least not severely anemic!

I feel like the iron infusions have done me good because I feel great! I’m not as tired as I was when my ferritin level was 6. I’ll never turn down a nap, though 😉

Ultrasound after Spotting Scare

I mentioned a spotting scare in my last pregnancy diary post, and I’m happy to share that I haven’t had any spotting since then! I had an ultrasound about a week after the incident and it was reassuring to hear that everything looked normal. Seeing baby boy was awesome, too!

4D Ultrasound of baby boy in second trimester

Nesting in So Many Ways

I’m nesting in the classic ways, organizing long-neglected cupboards and cleaning all the things. We’re also preparing our tiny 900-square-foot house for another human. We’ve been building furniture and making room as best we can.

We’re also nesting with Sadie, if that makes sense?! She’s now in a booster seat, which is so much easier than a carseat! She can unbuckle herself and get out of the car on her own. I think that will make life easy when I have another child to get in and out of the car.

Sadie is also working so hard on potty training and I’m super proud of her. We’re hoping to be totally diaper free just in time to start all over again 😂 Sader Tot also said goodbye to her crib/toddler bed and is in a big girl bed. She has taken all these changes in stride (except the potty training at first, lol) and I’m so thankful for her cheerful attitude 💜

Hernia Update

My inguinal hernia is still there, but not bothering me too much. I have a pregnancy support belt and it helps with the discomfort, but is a little cumbersome to take on and off. I just avoid movements that I know would hurt and kindly ask Jimmy to carry the laundry basket upstairs for me very often 😊

If the hernia remains after birth, I’ll see the same surgeon I did after Sadie’s birth to figure out next steps as far as possible surgery. I’ll cross that bridge when I get there!

Sisters pregnant at the same time

My sister and I both bumpin’ at my baby sprinkle!

Body Comments

Oh, the pregnancy body comments. I could write a book about these. Here are a few gems, all from different people:

Conversation #1
Person (wincing as they speak): “Allie, you look sooooo pregnant.” (Uhhh, last I checked, I am so pregnant!)

Conversation #2
Person: “When are you due again?”
Me: “November.”
Person (also wincing): “Ooo, you have a long way to go!”

Conversation #3
Person (looking at me and my sister when she was still pregnant): “Wow, I can’t believe how much bigger Allie is than Hannah!”

Conversation #4
Person: “You look like you’re about to pop! How much longer do you have?”
Me: “About ten weeks.”
Person: “Oh.”

Just keeping it real over here, as always. I think how a woman’s body changes during pregnancy is beautiful and amazing. I don’t enjoy people discussing it so negatively 24/7, you know? Last I checked, your body is supposed to change to accommodate growing a human 😂

Mom and daughter at Sonic the Hedgehog birthday party

Other Odds and Ends

Baby moves when Sadie talks to him and she loves feeling his kicks. Just today I got her out of the car and she said “Mommy, you look so pretty!” I was confused as to where that came from and then she gestured at my bump and said “Because of you’s baby!” Girl knows how to make a positive body comment, lol.

Baby also moves like crazy each night when I eat something sweet before bed. I just can’t go to bed without eating a cookie and a bowl of cereal and he goes cray cray afterwards.

Braxton hicks contractions happen almost daily, but they’re not painful. I just know to sit down and drink some water until my belly softens up.

I’m wondering how the last weeks of pregnancy will go and what my experience will be like this time. God knows the answer, and I am resting in that 🙏

Mostly, I’m just feeling really, really blessed. God has given Jimmy and I our sweet Sadie girl and now we get to raise a son! Is this real life?! It’s such a joy and treasured responsibility to be able to raise children. I’m thankful to have made it to the third trimester and can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for the future 💙



  1. Really enjoyed reading g everything going on!
    Was laughing inside on the “You’re so pregnant”!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Love 💕 You

  2. Well I’m so happy that you’re pregnancy is going so well!! You look so healthy and amazing, and you somehow keep up with Sadie, Niva and Malcolm too!

    As for the body comments- I literally want to punch the crap out of every person that even says anything about your body —can I?? Make YaYa a list- bet they don’t say anything – ever again. No seriously- I want a list.

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