Our Baby Sprinkle

We had a sprinkle for baby boy over the weekend and it felt like a full-on baby shower. Or maybe a downpour?! Whatever the case, we ended the evening feeling so incredibly loved and cared for.

Husband and wife sitting in rocking chairs for baby shower

My mom and sister lovingly forced the idea of a sprinkle upon me. My mom told me that she wanted to do something nice for our family, especially since we had been praying for this baby for a while before conceiving, and my sister insisted that we would need some boy items since everything we had for Sadie as a baby was pink.

I reluctantly agreed to a sprinkle (I do not enjoy being the center of attention) and was thankful that my mom and sister wanted to do something so sweet for us. I knew I wanted Jimmy and Sadie to be part of the fun, too!

Mom and daughter at baby sprinkle

As the big day approached, I started to get excited. I didn’t know much about what was planned–I wasn’t even allowed to bake the cupcakes!–but knew it was construction themed and our church family and extended family were invited.

Sadie and I painted our nails and put on dresses and we drove out to our church. It was decorated adorably! All of our loved ones came and we ate a delicious dinner (stuffed shells, meatballs, pulled pork sandwiches, chicken, and salad) and had cupcakes and cookies.

Construction themed cupcakes for baby shower from Oakmont bakeryConstruction themed baby shower centerpieces at table

The tables all featured toy cars as decorations (baby boy now has a whole collection!) as well as measuring spoons for the favors and advice cards for all of the guests to fill out. The advice cards were really fun to read through in the days after the event. They ranged from wise and loving to downright hilarious.

There was also a diaper raffle, which was something I wished I had done with Sadie’s baby shower. Basically, anyone who brought a pack of diapers was entered into a raffle to win a prize. We received so many diapers and are super thankful for that!

Diaper raffle construction truck at baby showerConstruction themed baby shower decor

Before I knew it, we were done eating and catching up with family and friends and it was time to open gifts. I was just amazed that so many people in our lives took time to come and celebrate with us and bring gifts for our son. It was truly a blessing and just the perfect evening!

We were given some handsome baby boy clothes (suspenders! bow ties! camouflage!), books, and even a few personalized items with his name on them. I’m still sorting through everything days later and it makes me smile all over again as I look at each item and think of the gift giver.

Husband and wife opening baby boy gifts at baby shower

Sadie was running around with her cousins for most of the sprinkle, but near the end she came in and was like “Hey! Are you opening gifts?! Want some help?” and was so delighted at every. single. thing.

She was like “Awww, everybody look at this blanket! It’s so soft!” and “Ohhh, these socks are so cute!” She even pretended to read cards 😂

Family opening up baby shower gifts at baby boy sprinkle

We are feeling incredibly blessed! We have a lot of the essentials we will need and had an evening of joy with family and friends. I think now we just need our son 🤗 💙



  1. Love, love, love this! I’m a firm believer that every baby should be celebrated! We have showers for every child who joins a family here! Last year we hosted a baby shower for a friend who had her fourth kiddo (third in three years, no less) and it was fabulous! You still need diapers and wipes and essentials even if you have much of the other stuff covered. And there is just something so special about your people gathering together to shower you with love. ❤ I know you don't love being the center of attention so I'm glad that Sadie and Jimmy were there to take some of that shine as well! I'm sure everyone was eating up everything Sadie did! ❤

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