Pregnancy Diary February 27th: Finding Out and Initial Thoughts

I typed up a few “diary entries” here on the blog once I found out we were expecting. I thought it would be neat to look back on how I felt in that moment. So, here’s the first in the series!

February 27th, 2022

So, I took a pregnancy test yesterday (February 26th) and it was positive! I’m definitely in shock! Jimmy and I have been trying for another child since August 2020. We were kind of getting to the point of wondering if it would ever happen, especially since it didn’t take as long to conceive Sadie.

I actually took the test at like 4:30 am in the Outer Banks before catching a flight home. I had picked up a Dollar Tree pregnancy test the day before on a whim. I definitely did not expect to see a super faint second line. I looked in the bathroom mirror and smiled so hard and prayed a huge thank you prayer to God.

Pregnancy test with faint line

I am feeling so many emotions! Gratitude, relief, joy, excitement, and nervousness. The nervousness is because we know what is ahead (babies are hard work!). At the same time, I’m glad we know what is ahead because we know the joy that is coming if God chooses to carry us through this pregnancy and give us a healthy baby.

I am overjoyed for Sadie to have a sibling! Beyond overjoyed. My sister is my best friend, and I pray Sadie can have a built-in best friend with her sibling. She definitely knows the concept of a baby entering our family because we talk about it with her when all of our friends at church have welcomed their children. She asks for a sister all. the. time., sooo I don’t know what she will think if she has a brother! I’m sure she will adjust and be excited if she has a little brother ❤️

Speaking of boy/girl, we aren’t hoping for one or the other, only a healthy baby to join our family!

I first thought maybe I could be pregnant while I was in the Outer Banks because I was randomly able to smell my dad’s new leather laptop case from across the room and it smelled gross to me (sorry dad!). Then, when Sadie and I were on the plane ride home, I could smell everyone’s breath on the plane and it was awful 🤣

After seeing a super faint line on the pregnancy test the morning I left North Carolina, I wasn’t 100% sure (uhh, Allie… a line is a line haha), so I took another one once I was home that afternoon. I didn’t expect to see a line because it was the middle of the day and likely very, very early in the pregnancy, but there was a faint line again.

Pregnancy test with faint line

I knew Jimmy wouldn’t want me to keep the news from him so I told him I had something for him from our vacation and pulled the test out of my carry-on (and also video taped the whole thing!) and he was in disbelief! He’s also feeling the same way as me–totally shocked, happy, excited, nervous, and thankful! I’ll have to post that video soon. It’s so sweet.

I’m not sure how far along I am right now. I’m definitely early in the pregnancy, and my only symptoms have been that coffee doesn’t taste great anymore, I had night sweats, and my sense of smell is heightened. We are guessing the baby will be due sometime in November?

Things feel so different the second time around. In some ways I’m more relaxed because I have an idea of what to expect. But I also know what to expect, which can feel scary! I won’t take this pregnancy for granted (not that I did with Sadie’s pregnancy) because our journey of waiting to conceive this child was a long one!

We are thinking our bout with secondary infertility had something to do with the medication Jimmy had to take for his stomach ulcers, because once his doctor lowered the dosage we were finally able to conceive. Whatever the case, I am so thankful it happened! I know God had a reason for our journey and the wait. The waiting has made me that much more thankful for this sweet heartbeat inside me.

Lord willing, I am so excited to feel the baby kick! I absolutely loved that with Sadie. It’s been so long that I forgot that unique feeling and started to wonder if I would ever feel a baby kick inside me again, if I would ever nurse a baby to sleep, or feel the wonder of first meeting our child. What a blessing all of those moments are. I now know just how quickly each phase passes and I want to soak it all in.

Each moment I think of something new that I hadn’t considered before… how will Niva do with a baby? Will I have to get a bunch of iron infusions again? What will we name the baby? Will we make it full-term? What will the birth be like? How will we tell our families? Will we have a crazy nursing journey? And on, and on, and on.

The answer to all of those questions is that God knows. He knows what life will look like in the next several months (and beyond). He knows what our journey will be. He has a plan, and it is good. It always is.

Right now, just Jimmy and I know about the pregnancy, but we’re excited to tell our friends and family soon. I will definitely try and film their reactions like I did last time.

So, that’s where I’m at. I found out I was pregnant a little over 24 hours ago and wanted to type a post sharing my raw emotions at this stage. I think it will be fun to document my thoughts here and be able to look back on them.

Thank you for reading this long post 🙂



  1. So sweet and so exciting thank you for sharing Allie! It seems like the Outer Banks has something to do with grand babies, not sure!

    The heightened sense of smell and the smell of my leather my leather bag is funny?

    I love 💕 you!

  2. Oh Allie, sweet friend, I am so happy for you and Jimmy. I am praising God for your little one. Sadie will be the best big sister!! Thank you for sharing so candidly about your experience too- I know it will encourage others who have been in a similar place. Much love to you!! Can’t wait to read more!

  3. Feeling all the feels with you for this. I remember those tender feelings all too well. I’m so thankful for you all to have this answered prayer!!

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