Last Minute and the Way She Sees Things

Friday was a busy day for Braid Bakery! A local customer texted me in the morning and asked if I could make 100 chocolate covered Oreos… for pickup that afternoon.

She was hosting a community garage sale through her real estate agency and wanted the decorations and colors on the Oreos to match her agency’s colors.

Maroon and white chocolate covered Oreos

The request came at a good time because I was just about to drop Sadie off at a gymnastics camp. I got Sadie settled in at gymnastics and then drove home and got to work!

I melted chocolate, dipped, decorated, and packaged Oreos for two hours before picking Sadie up. She was all smiles when she left the camp and then came home and crashed. She must have played hard!!

Girl sleeping on couch with dog and cat

I continued to work on the Oreo order while Sadie napped. Once I finished that up and got the invoice done, I set to work on a brownie order being shipped out of state. Sadie woke up and helped me work on a three layer practice wedding cake and cupcakes.

One layer was chocolate, one vanilla, and one strawberry. Jimmy’s cousin and his fiancé are coming over to taste-test the cake and cupcakes for their wedding next month so we can choose flavors and such!

They’re wanting a “naked” cake decorated with flowers, so I picked up some faux flowers to finish decorating it in their wedding colors.

Three layer cakeOmbre naked cake

Here’s how the cupcakes turned out! As always, it was all so much fun to bake and decorate everything. I love special occasion baking ❤️

Cupcakes with buttercream roses

The way she sees things

Sadie was in our backyard playing the other evening while Jimmy and I prepped dinner and she ran inside and excitedly said “Mom and Dad! Come quick and see the most beautiful thing!!” so we followed her through the yard and to the garden… which is a weed pit at the moment because we’re not doing a garden this year (😭) so we can prep for baby boy.

“Look how beautiful!” Sadie said, pointing at all the weeds that had grown in our garden plot. Jimmy and I just looked at each other and smiled. I got to thinking about how Sadie sees things vs. how I see things.

Girl on yellow slide smiling

When I see our garden, I get a little sad because I would love for it to be thriving and growing vegetables and herbs like it usually does each year. When Sadie saw all the weeds that had grown over the dirt, she saw a beautiful, lush garden!

I realized I should be happier about seeing the weeds because not having a garden this year means our prayers were answered. We are putting our time and energy into preparing a room for our baby instead of a garden!

I love the way Sadie sees things. The world is amazing to her, and she inspires me to see it in the same way. We pray with her before meals and at bedtime and she prayed a thank you prayer for seeing snakes at the creek one day. She’s the coolest.

Do you ever think about seeing things and situations in a different light?



  1. So happy your bakery has been so busy!!
    Sadie ALWAYS sees the best in everything. All of us should do that, but our minds are usually clouded with other things, and we miss the beauty.
    I had no idea she was attending a camp. Praying she has fun.

  2. You are such a talented baker! Very few people make the dough from scratch– they usually buy some kind of cake mix and charge for decorating. I also love that Sadie has your way of looking at the world with optimism and joy. The first post I ever read from you was when your whole family had a flu and I was impressed with how you stayed optimistic despite it all. That’s why I stuck around!

    1. Thank you so much! And thank you for the compliment on my joy and optimism! That made my day! I just might be tearing up over here!! Thank you SO much for sticking around 😊

  3. I’m all teary eyed after reading what you wrote about the way Sadie sees things. You are busy growing something so much more important and special than a garden this year. And those weeds really are beautiful. ❤

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