A Sentence Per Picture

I’m back with a sentence per picture post! It has been a while since I last wrote one of these. Basically, I take some recent pictures from my camera roll and challenge myself to write just one sentence about it.

If you’re a fellow blogger, you should give it a try! It’s a lot of fun and a little creative challenge 😊

Gluten free brownies by Braid Bakery

A local gluten free brownie pickup order all ready to go!

Girl with 48 piece Frozen puzzle

Puzzle time outside with my favorite girl 💜

Black cat sitting on table

Our handsome and naughty mini black panther 🐾

Young girl at swim lessons with goggles on

Sader Tot learning to swim!

Empty peanut butter shelves at Walmart

A depressing sight: no peanut butter at the store 😭

Coconut almond granola from Braid Bakery Etsy shop

Packed up an order of coconut almond granola 🥥

Young girl with net at creek

Playtime at the creek!

Chocolate covered Oreos with white chocolate and maroon drizzle

Oreos galore!

Girl sitting in giant construction bucket

Sadie visited dad at work 🥰

Gluten free fudge brownies

Brownies a customer ordered for graduation party favors 🍫

Black and white Siberian husky sitting on porch

The best hole digger in the whole world 😂

Father and daughter making pretzel hugs together with Hershey kisses

Daddy daughter baking project!

Blessing card from blessing jar

Found this blessing while cleaning out our basement ♥️

Little girl playing in sand with stick

A kid just being a kid is the best.

Aaaand that’s all I have for today! You can find past a sentence per picture posts below:



  1. No PB?! Is this because of the Jif recall? Is everything else being bought up? I hope you found PB somewhere else!

    So much baking in this post! I love it!

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