black cat

A Year With Malcolm

September 9th is a special day here in the Zottola household. It’s Malcolm’s adoption anniversary! We brought him home exactly one year ago and he has brought so much happiness, mischief, and fun to our home.

Black cat

When Jimmy and I went to adopt a cat, we both agreed that we wanted one that was friendly. I walked past Malcolm’s cage and he meowed and reached his paw out to touch me and I was done.

black cat snuggling and cuddling with girl

Malcolm is incredibly outgoing, friendly, and affectionate. Our neighbor recently watched our pets when we went camping in July and asked where Malcolm liked to hide and Jimmy and I just laughed and said that he doesn’t hide. He loves being with us and being right in the middle of the action.

We gave up trying to keep him off of our counters. He sits on the kitchen table while we eat dinner. He sleeps in our bed with us. He even sits on the rim of our bathtub while we shower!

Black cat sitting on counterBlack cat and black dog laying together

He’s very lovey dovey in the morning and wants to sit on top of Jimmy’s shoulders. He will sleep a good bit in the day, but when he’s in hyper mode he is super playful and bites really hard. He loves lasers, water, and his favorite thing in the whole wide world are q-tips. He is obsessed!

He has adjusted so well to Mavis (I’m convinced he thinks we brought him home a live toy) and plays with her and Lola nonstop. He likes going outside and enjoys taking walks with us in his stroller. Yeah, we’re those people who bought their cat a stroller.

Malcolm is the cat I’ve always dreamed of having. He’s equal parts naughty, fun, and loving. He’s handsome and sweet and makes us so happy. Happy adoption anniversary, Malcolm! We love you!

Black cat

Seven Snapshots of My Life Lately

1. Snow. Pittsburgh has been hit with bits of snow here and there this month and it’s absolutely stunning.

2. Bible and coffee time. Spending time in God’s word is truly the best part of my day.

3. This. I read this quote from a devotional I’m doing in the YouVersion Bible App and it rang so true.

4. Catfinated mug. My father-in-law’s girlfriend gave me this mug and I love it!

5. Malcolm. He has random times during the day where he’s super snuggly and he lets me hold him like a baby. It’s the best.

6. My dad and Malcolm. They’re like two peas in a pod when my dad visits!

7. Cake. Still practicing cakes for Hannah’s bridal shower! This was a vanilla cake with strawberry filling. After I took this picture I frosted it with buttercream. ‘Twas delicious 🙂

What would a snapshot of your life lately look like?