Friday Favorites

Hi and happy Friday! What do you have going on this weekend? I will be doing some baking… surprise 😉Today I’m sharing some favorite things from my life lately. Let me know in the comments what you’re loving lately!

Girl sitting inside construction digger bucket

1. Taking Sadie on adventures. We visited Jimmy at work yesterday and Sadie loved seeing all the construction equipment at the shop! Other adventures lately have also included: seeing snakes at the creek (she had so many questions after that experience!), Starbucks dates, swim lessons, and pet sitting together.

2. Sea salt crackers. I’m a little obsessed with these crackers. They’re so good! I go through a box in like two days though 🙈

3. A good vet appointment for Niva. Miss Niva was due for her bordatella vaccine. She and Sadie and I visited the vet and probably caused a ruckus (a 3.5 year old child + two year old dog + pregnant woman in a small space = chaotic), but we got it done 😂

Girl and husky sitting together in the car

4. Naps. They’re the best. Sadie has been super into Sonic the Hedgehog (She even asked for her birthday party to be Sonic-themed this year!), so if I’m really needing some rest I put an episode of Sonic on and snooze while she enjoys her “new” favorite show. It’s cute that it’s new to her but Jimmy and I both have memories of watching it as children. So nostalgic!

5. Double chocolate banana muffins. I recently tried out this muffin mix and added in a couple of ripe bananas I had laying around. Highly recommend!

Kodiak Cakes double chocolate banana muffins

6. Leave-in conditioner that works well on my wild hair. I absolutely love this leave-in conditioner. It really seems to tame my frizz and generally crazy hair. I just put a nickel-sized amount in my hair and let it air dry. Done and done!

7. Reading my Bible outside. There isn’t much better than a quiet few moments on our porch swing with my Bible. My study Bible has a lot of quotes from Godly women and one was about how our physical limitations can bring us closer to God and I really related to that. I’m not used to needing so much rest lately (hello pregnancy anemia 😆). It can feel frustrating or I can use the rest as time to connect with God ❤️

Bible outside

9. Meeting new people. I love how random little things in life can lead you to meet new people. Niva has helped me meet many new friends, and my Etsy shop led to me meeting our mail carrier’s mom. She ordered brownies for one of her children’s graduation party and I was just thinking how I never would have met her if it weren’t for randomly giving our mailman an extra brownie!

10. A cute cousin photo. When my siblings and I all had our first child within eight months of each other, we were so excited to see them grow up together! I wondered what they would look like, what their personalities would be like, and how they would get along. All three girls are so different, each have their own distinct look, and love each other more than anything. The picture was from the birthday party I blogged about last weekend!

Three girl cousins

11. Puzzles. I was never a “puzzle person” until having a child. I don’t know if I couldn’t sit still or thought they were boring or would have rather been doing something else, but puzzles are becoming popular in our house! Puzzles are a lot like Legos for me; I didn’t grow up doing them, so they’re a major brain workout for me. It seriously takes me like 30 minutes to do a 48 piece kids puzzle with Sadie 😂

12. Pet sitting again. Dogs were my world before I had Sadie. I spent all day with my four legged clients as a pet sitter and dog walker and I absolutely adored it. I knew things would look different with pet sitting after having a baby. I thought that door was closed, but it has slowly opened back up here and there and it makes me so happy. No, I’m not walking dogs every day and pet sitting ten dogs every holiday, but I do get opportunities to pet sit now and then and I love it. I also love that I get to bring my little sidekick along now 😊

Girl sitting on picnic bench by chocolate lab

13. Conversations with Sadie. It’s so much fun to have full conversations with Sader Tot. When she was a newborn I dreamt of what it would be like to actually talk with her, what her personality would be like, and what her voice would sound like. Now we’re talking constantly, she asks really great questions, and always has something on her mind. We recently drove past the spot that I looked at for a physical bakery last summer and she asked why I didn’t buy the property. I told her about the dangerous hillside and she said “Let’s get a teeter totter and put it up on flat land and then clean it and paint it yellow!” How did she remember a place we visited once a year ago?! Her engineering idea was so sweet, and the fact that she included my favorite color in her idea melted my heart.

Okay, this post was way longer than I intended and yet I still feel like I could keep on writing. If you’ve read this far, thank you! I better wrap this up before you fall asleep on me 😉

Tell me a favorite in your life lately!



  1. Wow! A lot of great stuff thanks for sharing! Really love the conversations with Sadie and her questions!

    Love 💕 You

  2. Lately… I am loving – and celebrating – the fact that I’m now on summer vacation with my kiddos. School and piano lessons are done for the summer! Just embracing a slower-paced life for awhile, and I cannot wait!

  3. I will always love your cousin photos! I think it’s just amazing that all three of you had your first babies within 8 months! Such a gift for those sweet kids to grow up together. ❤

    Aren't conversations with your kid just the best? It's amazing to hear their take on things and all the things they wonder about. 🙂

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