Exciting Bakery Stuff + Other Fun

Hi! Is anyone else confused as to what day it is because of the holiday weekend we had?! I’m so thrown off this week! We’ve been having a great week, though.

Toddler jumping off ladder and into pool.

Our neighbor invited us to swim in her pool and we jumped (literally in Sadie’s case 😉) at the opportunity to beat the heat one evening. Sadie and I went to our church’s monthly mom’s group, and we have been playing nonstop with Legos!

Jimmy thinks it’s funny that I’m 100% a newbie with Legos and have the hardest time figuring them out! I’m learning right along with Sader Tot 😬

Toddler playing with LEGO Friends set outside

Another exciting thing that happened this week is that we looked at a potential property to buy for Braid Bakery(!!!). When I was driving Sadie and Niva to hang out with our husky friends, I drove past a property for sale with a commercial kitchen.

I sent the listing to my dad (he’s a real estate broker) and he was able to talk to the agent and get Jimmy and I access to check out the inside of the property on Tuesday night. It used to be a catering business, so it’s definitely set up just right for what I’m looking to do.

We’re going to look at the property again tonight with my parents to get their opinion and see what they think. There’s a lot to think about… pricing, taxes, the industry, structure of the property (it’s kinda close to an unstable hill 😕) etc., but we’ll see! I’m filming a vlog today, so I’ll make sure to include some footage and post it soon!

I hesitated on whether or not to post about this because who knows if it will work out, but I always like to keep it real here and share the highs and lows. This could go either way, but no matter what God is in control and we’re praying for His Will!

What’s the most fun thing you’ve done this week?



  1. Oh my. That is exciting news. Hope it close by to where you lived? You have an art for baking. Keep us posted

  2. Your business plans sound very exciting! ☺️Would you plan to open a café and shop?

    The most exciting things I’ve done this week are climbing and having dinner with a friend. We had vegan tacos and nachos, and they were amazing!

    1. Thank you, Grace!! I’m not really sure what I will do! I guess it depends on the type of building we buy! Eek!! If we buy a retail shop, I will definitely want to open a bakery shop and if it’s simply a commercial kitchen, I will use it to prep foods to sell at Farmer’s Markets and such!

      Woo hoo for climbing again and getting yummy vegan food!

  3. You what I absolutely love about you? Well, one of the many things… Ha ,ha! I love that you are a busy mama, but you haven’t stopped dreaming. It’s easy sometimes to dream up until you’re married with kids, and then so many of us kind of just exist. You’re really living out your faith, loving your family, AND continueing to dream. Whether this is the right spot for you right now or not, I love that you’re open to exploring possibilities! You’re an incredible person! 🙂

    1. Nicole, thank you so much for your comment! That really made my day!! I definitely had a time of feeling like I would never dream again (like the first weeks and months of being a new mom… haha), but that spark thankfully came back!! I am so blessed to know you and have a sweet, encouraging, and support friend in you!! I am really pumped for your new blog!!!!

  4. Oh friend! What a huge opportunity! I’m so excited to hear more about this potential expansion for your business!

    And yes to all the water play!

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