A Few Favorites

Hey hey! Just stopping by to share a few favorite things, moments, etc. today!

Lego Kits. These are still such a novelty to me and Sadie so we both have fun putting them together! They feel like a workout for my brain πŸ˜‚ Oh yeah, does anyone recognize Sadie’s dress from my hand-sewing days?!

Toddler girl playing with Disney Princess Lego Kit

Current Bible Study. I’m working through a study on women in the Bible and it’s fantastic. It goes from Genesis all the way through the New Testament and discusses what we can learn about God and His character and how we can apply lessons from women of the Bible to our own lives. I know a lot of the stories, but it has been nice to brush up on them all again and go more in-depth.

Gender Reveal Baking. My friend is having a gender reveal party this month and guess who gets to bake the cake!! So honored and so excited 😍

The most cheerful stickers. My friend Laura started a paper goods shop featuring stickers and goodies that are just so happy and bright! I ordered a set of farm stickers for my sister’s daughter and a sheet of birthday stickers to use for scrapbooking.

I’m already eyeing up the baby sticker sheets for the aforementioned friend who is having a gender reveal party! Laura has more products in the work and I cannot wait to see what else she designs and illustrates!

Lau-Kau Happy Birthday sticker sheet

Awesome neighbors. We have some great neighbors! They’re always giving Sadie snacks, petting Niva, and just generally putting up with our crazy 😜

A good vet appointment. Niva had her annual checkup this week and was deemed healthy! I also figured out where she was escaping our fence and fixed that. Whew does this dog keep me on my toes πŸ˜†

Coordinating cousin outfits. My sister texted me today to see if I wanted to have Sadie match Caroline for church tonight because they both have this cousin shirt and of course we were on board! So. much. fun.

Carter's Cousin Squad T-shirt

What have been some favorite moments/things/etc. for you lately?



  1. Those stickers are ADORABLE!!! I absolutely love stickers so much, I’ll have to check them out. πŸ™‚
    And I’m kind of obsessed with Lego’s too. Ha, ha. I started to buy them for the kids, and I have WAY too much fun building the sets. πŸ™‚

    1. I thought so too! I don’t know what it is about stickers but they just make me so happy, haha!!

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who is into their kids’ lego sets!!

  2. We LOVE the stickers! Thanks again for the fun surprise in the mail!!! And I love matching Caroline with Sadie!! They’re just the cutest! They jumped and held hands when they saw each other – it was adorable!!

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