Mermaid Girl, A New Addiction, And Trying To Style My Hair

Jimmy dressed Sadie in a skort the other day while I was working in the kitchen and he was pretty concerned when he brought her out to see me. Here’s how our conversation went.

Jimmy: Babe, is this a skirt?
Me: No, it’s a skort. It’s a skirt with shorts underneath. 
Jimmy: Oh…
Me: What?
Jimmy: I thought it was just a skirt so I put her legs through one hole and then when I picked her up she just felt like a mermaid. 

Pink toddler skort from Children's Place

Sadie’s “mermaid” skort 😉

I looked at Sadie and sure enough, her legs were together in one leg hole of the skort just like a little mermaid. We had a good laugh after that.

So, I am becoming addicted to sewing. I bet you didn’t see that coming based off of my last post, lol. I got brave and bought fabric to make Sadie another dress.

Handmade toddler dress that was sewn

This one came out better than the last one, but I still don’t really know what I’m doing. I do know I’m having a ton of fun, though!

It took me about three days worth of nap times to put it together, which admittedly wasn’t the most productive use of my time. Seeing Sadie in her new dress was worth all the time spent accidentally poking my finger with a needle and looking up hand-sewing tutorials, though!

Hand-sewn toddler dress

Speaking of tutorials, I found a hair styling tutorial I could actually follow and do! It was for milkmaid braids.

It may me a little messy, but taming my hair is tough, so I’m calling it a win 😉

Milkmaid braids

Do you wear your hair in different styles?

If you have young children, who dresses them?



  1. Haha! Cute little mermaid. I LOVE skorts. Ava really likes dresses and skirts and of course she wears leggings or shorts under them and skorts are such a perfect all-in-one-option.

    Your dressmaking skills are looking great. How fun that Sadie will have clothes her mama made her. Also your hair looks really cute. 🙂

  2. Look at that sweet dress!! Even just sewing a button back on a shirt feels really difficult to me so I’m really impressed you are making entire dresses over here!

    Also, such cute hair! I pretty much do my hair the exact same ways all the time, haha!

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