Mess of The Day and Eating Each Other’s Food

Remember me talking about messes in this post? Here was the mess of the day yesterday…

Toddler playing with toilet paper

Sadie got into our linen closet and played with the toilet paper and paper towels. If that happened a month or two ago, I probably would have cried due to the scarcity of those items! I’m never taking toilet paper for granted ever again.

I can’t stay upset with her for long because that smile just gets me every time.

Toddler smiling while holding baby doll crib

I found her baby doll crib in Jimmy’s work laundry basket after it had been missing for a week or so and she was beyond happy to be reunited with it. She loves all things baby doll related. Another love? Books!

We’ve been reading in our backyard lately and it’s so relaxing to just spread out a blanket and read book after book.

Toddler reading books in grass

Okay, onto food talk.

For some reason, Sadie and Niva only want to eat each other’s food. Niva will do anything to get Sadie’s food and I can’t tell you how much dog food Sadie has consumed.

We feed Niva and Sadie runs and stuffs handfuls of it into her mouth before we can catch her.

Toddler and husky

We make Sadie all sorts of healthy, delicious meals and she thinks dog food is way more interesting and throws her food to Niva. I yi yi!

On another food note, I made a double batch of chocolate chip cookies today. They were for a graduation party we’re going to tomorrow. I had some leftover, so I kept a few and packed up the rest in a box and Sadie and I delivered them to our local police officers!

Chocolate chip cookies

What’s your favorite type of cookie?

If you have kids, have they ever ate pet food?



  1. I can’t believe Sadie is eating the dog food! That is funny and cute – but also crazy! I love chocolate chip cookies, and yours look delicious!

  2. So cute!
    If Sadie starts barking more than talking we will know why!
    Love the reading books on a blanket in the yard!

    Love 💕 you!

  3. Oh my goodness, this post is hilarious! I don’t remember you and your siblings ever eating dog food, but it probably happened at some point in your childhood. Chocolate chip is def my fave cookie~ especially with multiple cups of coffee. 💕
    I love how close Sadie and Niva are 🥰
    Love you ~ Madre

    1. I’m glad to hear I didn’t eat dog food as a child! Yum to cookies + coffee. A lovely combo for sure 🙂

      It’s the best seeing Sadie and Niva together! ❤

      Love you!

  4. Oreo is the only one eating dog food over here, but I have had MANY friends whose kids ate dog food and they all grew up just fine. 😉

    Also all the reading!! I love it! We are big readers over here too and I just love the joy that books bring! 🙂

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