Messes, Meditative Mowing, and Monopoly

Of all the days I decided to throw away dead succulents and soil in our garbage can, Niva decided to dig in the garbage.

Siberian husky digging in the garbage

It was actually kind of comical. I walked into the kitchen and saw the dirt and garbage all over the ground and Sadie’s first thought was obviously hey, I think I should roll in that!

She lost interest while I vacuumed everything up, but was being suspiciously quiet. I found her in the bathroom, casually splashing in the toilet. 

My hands are full with Sadie, Niva, and Malcolm, but my heart is even more full.

Infantino baby carrier

Niva has ate a stick of butter and bag of double chocolate cookies since she’s lived with us. Thankfully the human food hasn’t phased her digestive system one bit! It kinda reminds me of Lola in her prime–digging in the garbage and eating whole chicken carcasses like a champ.

When I think about the craziness of a wild cat, puppy, and toddler, I just think what would I do without these three? Life sure would be boring. The messes and the crying and the garbage digging and toilet splashing? Those are all blessings!

Family laying on bed smiling

I’m thankful for my alone time when I mow the grass, though! Our yard is pretty big, so it takes me an hour or so to cut the grass and oh how I cherish that hour of praying, zoning out, and making the yard look pretty. To me, mowing is almost meditative. I love it. 

Know what else I love? Hanging out with my husband. We’ve been having fires, swinging on our porch swing, and playing board games after Sadie goes to bed and it’s the best. 


We stayed up past 10 (whoa, night owls over here!) playing Monopoly last night and had a blast. My dad, an amazing real estate broker, would have been so proud of me. I owned almost all the properties by the end of the game and was collecting rent constantly 🙂

The fun wasn’t complete without some messiness, though. We left the game in the box on the kitchen table overnight and fed the pets this morning. Malcolm proceeded to throw up on the kitchen table, so naturally Niva jumped onto the table as she’s known to do, ate the throw up, and knocked the game and everything in the box on the floor.

Well, I better get going. I think I have a mess to clean up because Sadie is being a little too quiet while I write this post!

What’s your favorite board game?

What’s the craziest mess you’ve had to clean up?



  1. You have a great attitude about everything!
    Your hands are full but your heart ❤️ fuller!

    I love monopoly, you have the right idea the more properties on the board the more rent!

    Love 💕 you,

  2. This post was hilarious. You certainly do have your hands full of blessings 💕 the pics of you and Sadie, and the one of the 3 of you should be enlarged and framed for sure!!
    Love you,
    P.s. real estate is in your blood pretty mama

  3. It definitely seems like you have your hands full, in a great way! This reminds me of the time my dog and cat, both still very young, decided it would be great fun to rip open a bag of potting soil and play in it. That was QUITE the mess and it was all over the entire cabin and everything in it!

    1. Yes, so full, but in the best way! Ahhh, the potting soil mess sounds very familiar to us in the Zottola house! I’m glad we’re not the only ones who deal with crazy messes!

  4. Reading this post about Sadie rolling in dirt and then playing in the toilet while you cleaned the dirt TOTALLY made me think of my own mommy life. Ha, ha! My kids are FOREVER making messes… and then creating new ones when I clean up their previous one. 😉 So apparently, having a child and pets is the same as having two kids; because I’m living the same life over here. HA!!! I love your ability to find the humor! I definitely do the same, because finding the joy and the laughter is SO much better than grumbling about messes. 🙂
    I used to love mowing the lawn for that very same reason! Just time to think and pray without being distracted by anything else. 🙂

    1. Ah, I am so glad you can relate to all the messes! I totally agree… finding the joy in the messes is much better than sitting down and crying (which sometimes I totally want to do, lol). I once read that whenever we see a mess from our spouse or kids, to try to be thankful for it because it means people live with you and love you and what a blessing that is!

  5. Oh my goodness! So many messes! You seem to just take it all in stride, though. Way to be!

    And board games! So fun! Little mini date nights at home. 🙂

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