Done, Being Okay with Messes, and A Sweater

I finished up the wholesale granola order I recently got and it feels so good to have that off my plate!

Bags of granola on kitchen table

The shop ordered the gingerbread, banana bread, coconut almond (<– a customer fave!), peanut butter, and cherry almond flavors for a total of 44 bags. I’m pretty sure I floated out of the post office on a cloud of happiness and relief once I dropped off the box 😂 (more…)


The Mess is Where It’s At and Looking For Recommendations

Sadie had her first Chick-fil-A experience on Thursday night and it did not disappoint! I went to a tie dye party at our church and Jimmy and Sadie decided they needed some nuggets and waffle fries in their lives 😏

Toddler holding Chick-fil-A bags

While my little family enjoyed their Chick-fil-A, I was tie dying up a storm and loving every moment of that experience!

I hadn’t tie dyed something since elementary school and I had such a good time that I totally looked up tie dye kits on Amazon as soon as I got home. I made Niva a bandana and thought it turned out quite cute!