The Mess is Where It’s At and Looking For Recommendations

Sadie had her first Chick-fil-A experience on Thursday night and it did not disappoint! I went to a tie dye party at our church and Jimmy and Sadie decided they needed some nuggets and waffle fries in their lives 😏

Toddler holding Chick-fil-A bags

While my little family enjoyed their Chick-fil-A, I was tie dying up a storm and loving every moment of that experience!

I hadn’t tie dyed something since elementary school and I had such a good time that I totally looked up tie dye kits on Amazon as soon as I got home. I made Niva a bandana and thought it turned out quite cute!

Black and white husky with blue tie dye bandana standing in grass

I let Sadie get all sorts of messy on Friday. I was baking up a storm and wanted to keep her busy, so I let her do some painting. By the end of her artistic spree, there was definitely more paint on her, the table, and the ground than on the paper I gave her to paint.

She was so happy, though! Sometimes I don’t feel like dealing with messes. It would have been easier to turn on the TV and get everything done, but the mess is where it’s at, you know? It’s the same thing in life. There have been times where my life has been messy, and the people who have dealt with me and my mess–even when they probably didn’t feel like it–have made all the difference.

Toddler painting with black paint

God is the ultimate One to clean up our messes in life. I think about all the times I’ve goofed up, yet He keeps cleaning up after me. Because He loves me and He cares.

So, Sadie got to get messy and paint (she made quite the abstract painting and said it was a slide πŸ˜‚) and I got my baking done and orders delivered. It was a good day and the mess was where it was at ❀️

Challah bread wrapped as a gift

Other things of note include:

–> I harvested arugula today! We have some zucchini and tomatoes coming in the garden, too. Can’t wait.

–> The fact that Sader Tot decided she doesn’t want to sleep past 6:00 am lately. That’s usually my Bible and devotion time, so now it’s my Bible, devotion, and Sadie climb on me time 😜

Mom and toddler daughter reading Bible study together on couch

–> I was able to see one of the dogs I used to pet sit on the daily when I did it full time and it made me so happy! Her owner dropped by with her this morning and she and Niva romped around the yard and got all tired out while we caught up.

–> I’ve been developing a recipe for cranberry orange granola for my shop and it’s pretty delicious if I do say so myself 😬

Cranberry orange granola

–> I cut my finger with our chef’s knife while chopping up eggplant. Soooo, I think we’re due for some new knives because I’ve already sharpened ours (with this nifty gadget) and I think they’re just past their prime at this point. They’re also Cuisinart brand, so not super high quality πŸ€ͺ

Do you have any recommendations for a good brand of knives? I know my parents invested in Cutco knives a few years ago and never looked back. I’d love to hear if you know of any good brands I can look into!

How do you feel about messes?

Have you ever tie dyed?



  1. God is Good all the time, All the time God is good!

    Awesome post! Love Sadie painting and you just letting her have fun!

    Love You!

  2. I just love popping in to see how you’re doing and always feel happy when I see you post fun updates on your little family β™₯

    And Niva and that bandana 😍😍😍 seriously, one day when I get a dog, I am going to spoil him/her to death πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. Aww, thank you so much for always popping! I sooo wish you could meet Niva! I know she would love you. I can’t wait for you to have a dog one day and spoil him/her soo much!

  3. Tye Dye!! SO fun! We did that a couple of times last summer and had so much fun with it.

    The messes that come with art time can be so hard to deal with, but are totally worth it. I have found that outdoors is definitely my favorite spot for anything messy too!

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