Milestones and Motorcycles

Sadie and I went on a little coffee date at Starbucks the other day after running some errands for my Etsy shop and we hit a big milestone post-pandemic: we sat inside and enjoyed our treats for the first time in over a year. I was so happy when I saw that the tables were opened back up for dining again!

Another milestone? We’re back to in-person story time at the library. So many happy things! I filmed a vlog on the day we hit those little/big milestones and it includes all sorts of randomness, including me getting bit by a small wildlife creature 😂

Jimmy’s dad rode his motorcycle into church last night and Sadie thought that was the coolest. She saw him pull into the parking lot and said “Pappy’s like Moto Pups” (from Paw Patrol 😆).

She even got to sit on the motorcycle after Bible study!

Father and toddler on motorcycle

Speaking of Sader Tot, she let me style her hair! All it took was a few mini m&ms as a bribe 😬

I was really excited to see how it turned out, and then I realized that she looks so much older and I kind of wanted to cry! How do kids grow so fast? It’s crazy.

Toddler girl with pigtails

Our little grown-up has been loving worksheets and doing school. I don’t know if it’s because she enjoys the one-on-one focused attention with me, if she genuinely just likes to learn, or a bit of both, but I’ll take it!

We recently finished our 40 weeks of Abeka preschool for 2s and it was amazing to reflect on how much Sadie learned from September through June. She now knows all the colors, shapes, how to count from 1-10, and so much more.

She probably would have learned those things if we hadn’t had a homeschool time each day, but it was a joy to spend that focused learning time with her. Now that it’s summer, I bought a few workbooks to do with her as we feel like it and it has been fun to see her get better at tracing and recognizing numbers and letters.

School Zone preschool workbook

Of course, lots of baking has been happening around here, too.

I whipped up some chocolate chip cookies the other night and froze a few balls of cookie dough because I love eating a ball or two of cookie dough every now and then day. They’re also great fresh from the oven!

King Arthur Baking Company gluten free chocolate chip cookies

Have you ever rode a motorcycle? (I’m terrified of ’em!)

Have you hit any little/big milestones lately?



  1. I loved Sadie’s hair – she seriously resembles you so much as she keeps growing into a little girl and not a toddler!! I am also terrified of motorcycles haha. Big milestone for our family is taking both kids out to eat with us! We have officially done it 3 times and it’s not as bad as I pictured it in my head!

  2. Every time I go somewhere I feel as if we are slowly going back to ‘normalcy’ here in the ‘Burgh. I’ll be so happy when restaurant and grocery employees no longer needs to wear a mask. With someone’s mouth covered it’s just so difficult to hear and understand them.
    Sadie is turning into a little young lady for sure, and quite the vlogger too!
    I am not terrified of motorcycles- I use to have a Honda scooter I drive while stationed in Norfolk. I always wore a helmet- and I don’t think it could go over 45 mph 😂😂
    Love you!

  3. the cuteness with that hair !! Too adorable.

    Also those cookies look amazing!! I am currently walking on the treadmill reading this, but about to hop off because now the sweet tooth is now acting up 😅

  4. It’s lovely that you were able to sit in Starbucks. Definitely a milestone! 😊 I sat in my favourite coffee place a few weeks ago and it felt normal but strange at the same time, after over a year of not being able to do it.

    I’ve never ridden a motorcycle, but my brother has one. Maybe one day!

  5. Oh her hair!! It really does make her look so much older. Time slow down!

    The train table at the library looks so fun! Also, I spotted Corduroy in your books from the library – that’s a favorite over here!

    1. I know! Time really needs to take a chill pill!

      It was our first time reading Corduroy to Sadie and she had us read it over and over again! I used to love that book, so it was really fun to introduce it to her!

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