No Big Deal and Other Notes From Our Weekend

Jimmy casually mentioned he was going to make a fire pit on Saturday for our church because we were having a Father’s Day fellowship on Sunday evening. So, Saturday morning he set off for the shop he and his family own and built a fire pit in a few hours.

Steel fire pit

He brought it home and I was like wait… you just made that? In a few hours?! He acted like it was no big deal! To him, it wasn’t. Welding is his career and his craft. He can probably weld with his eyes closed (though I hope he doesn’t… πŸ˜†).

It got me thinking about how we all have different talents. My dad can write a real estate contract without blinking. My brother-in-law can look at a tree and know just where and how to trim it. My brother speaks Spanish with ease. My sister can list–off the top of her head–all the antibiotic types, their side effects, and how they work within the body.

God gives us different talents, and thank goodness. What if everyone was good at one thing? Life would be boring and a lot of stuff wouldn’t happen. It’s so easy to be jealous or to wish you had someone else’s gift, but God made us with our talents for a reason. Those things we’re interested in that are so unique to us are from God.

Say you grew up in a home where nobody played an instrument, but you find yourself drawn to the piano and learn to play with ease. You lose track of time when you play, love to research music pieces, and listen to symphonies. Those things we do without someone telling us to do them, where we lose track of time and are totally immersed. Those things that people tell us “I don’t know how you do it…” while you think that was no big deal. Where do they come from? God! He gives us passions and gifts to use for Him and when we do those things to His glory, it’s magical.

Some scriptures on this topic: 1 Corinthians 12:4-27, 1 Peter 4:10-11, Matthew 5:14-16, and Romans 12:6-8.

Okay, onto some notes and pictures from our weekend!

–> Each summer since 2019 we have made a garden stepping stone with Sadie’s hand or foot print and we continued the tradition in 2021 with this affordable little kit!

Toddler painting stepping stone

I think this was the first year that she didn’t cry like we were torturing her when we dipped her hand in the mold. Winning! She really seemed to enjoy putting the embellishments into the mold and painting it when it was dry.

–> I’m randomly obsessed with perfecting a recipe for crock pot pulled pork. I’ve already made it twice in two weeks and I’m not mad about it πŸ˜‰ Experimenting with different cuts of pork, spices, and sauces is my idea of fun!

–> I took Niva to Starbucks with me and she sat in the front seat like a human.

Siberian husky sitting in front seat of car like a human

She had a ton of fun at the birthday party we went to on Saturday night! Everyone invited was asked to bring their dog and there was even a table with milk bones and tennis balls. Speaking of Niva, we took her to the library last week and she did really well! We’re planning another husky party soon, too 😊

–> Currently reading this book and I had no idea the author (who is mostly known as a newscaster) was a former Miss America?! Totally fascinating!

–> Still loving using essential oils! I really like the Plant Therapy brand and they even give you a free oil for your birthday. I got the key lime pie oil and it smells so good 😍

–> We had a nice Father’s Day! Sadie and I gave Jimmy a bag of coffee (<– tried it this morning and it’s so good!), a marshmallow dream bar, and Kinder Bueno bar. I guess coffee and sweets are the way to his heart?! His one request was to go to the carwash so that’s what we did after church. He is easy to please!

–> Baked some challah for the Father’s Day fellowship at our church on Sunday night. We had the church service outside and then had a cookout! I had Jimmy film some of the process of challah baking so I could add it to my Etsy listing, too.

Tell me about your weekend!



  1. The fire pit looks awesome. And the bread looks so yummy. You and Jimmy are artistic in both you do. Beautiful craftsmanship. God gifts to your hands and love in the heart.

  2. Love this post! Jimmy is such an amazing welder!! It’s so amazing to think how God makes us all different! And how He even makes every single snow flake and sea shell different too!! God is the most amazing creator! I love your tradition with Sadie with the stepping stones! I admire your thoughtfulness and consistency! Love you Al! πŸ’—

  3. Your challah always looks so amazing!

    I’m always amazed by Christopher’s carpentry. He acts like it’s no big deal (like Jimmy with the welding), but it amazes me what he can do! I love your point about how we all have our own special talents!

    1. Aw, shucks! Thank you! I just love making it! Definitely a labor of love πŸ™‚

      I am always amazed at what Christopher does, too! He has made some really, really amazing things over the years!

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