Silent Saturday

Hi and Happy Saturday! Do you have anything fun planned today? We are going to a birthday party where everyone who was invited was asked to bring their dog. That’s my kind of party!

Before I get this day started I wanted to do a Silent Saturday post where I share some pictures and try not to type too much πŸ˜‰

Mom and daughter eating lunch outside on glass table
Dad holding daughter on steps
Father and daughter sitting on steps
Toddler pedicure
Toddler wearing flamingo pajamas sitting on table and smiling
Father and daughter with husky in creek on Panhandle Trail
Toddler wearing rain boots in creek
Toddler wearing rain boots in creek with Siberian husky
Mom and daughter by creek on Panhandle Trail
Family eating ice cream with dog at Millie's ice cream in Bridgeville, PA
Family with dog at Millie's ice cream in Bridgeville
Siberian husky eating ice cream

If you made it this far, thanks for reading/looking! Have a wonderful day 😊



  1. Looks like such wonderful family time!! I love Sadie’s creative liberty with painting her nails πŸ˜„ hope you had a great time at the birthday party- such a fun idea with everyone bringing their dog!

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