Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there! I hope you guys have a great day.

We’re spending the day at my parents’ house in between church services. Sadie is currently skipping her daily nap and having the time of her life in the baby pool my parents got for her to play in.

Toddler playing in baby pool

I was reflecting on the father figures in my life and thought it would be fun to share three things I love about my Heavenly Father, dad, father-in-law, and Jimmy. I also made Jimmy a video of pictures and clips of him and Sadie and I can’t watch it without tearing up, lol.

Okay, onto those amazing fathers!

1. He cares. Always. Every detail of our lives is important to Him.
2. He is patient.
3. He created our world. I admire His creativity so much.

Husband and wife smiling

1. He is incredibly patient.
2. He’s gentle, always.
3. He works very hard at everything he does.

Grandparents with grand babies

My Dad
1. He is easily the most generous person I know.
2. He loves and serves God with all his heart.
3. He gives the most amazing bear hugs.

My Father-in-Law
1. He is dedicated to serving the Lord.
2. He has been through some tough times but has remained faithful through it all.
3. He is silly, silly, silly!

Well, I’m going to get going and keep celebrating the amazing men God has placed in my life. As I was typing up this post in my parents’ kitchen, Jimmy and my dad were sitting at the island I was working on and I noticed Jimmy doing something out of the corner of my eye.

Guy sitting with three baby dolls

He wanted me to have an audience while I blogged, LOL.

Tell me about the fathers in your life!


All sorts of celebrations have been happening around the Zottola household lately! Jimmy and I had our anniversary, I turned 25-years-old, and we had a Father’s Day cookout.

Our anniversary and my birthday (yeah, we were married on my birthday!) fell on a Wednesday this year. My dad took me out to lunch at Osaka, which is a Sushi and Chinese restaurant. It was our first time there, and we throughly enjoyed it! What I loved the most, though, was sharing a meal with my dad 🙂

Sushi restaurant meal

I’m pretty sure we’re the only ones in our family who like sashimi and sushi, so we always enjoy chowing on some raw fish together!

On Friday, Jimmy and I took the day off work and celebrated our anniversary! I had to pet sit, but we made the best of it and took one of the dogs out on a trail walk with us in the morning. Then we got coffee at Dunkin Donuts, shopped for my anniversary gift from Jimmy, and enjoyed lunch at Cracker Barrel!

Trail walk with chocolate lab

The trail was so peaceful first thing in the morning!

Dunkin Donuts Coffee

Jimmy was so sweet and thoughtful with my anniversary gift. He told me to pick out a bistro table for our front porch! I had been wanting a little bistro set for a long time, and I thought it was so nice that Jimmy remembered that and let me pick it out!

We bought the table from Lowe’s, and the chairs from Target. We had dinner on the bistro set that evening, and I had coffee and read my Bible on it the next morning. I love it! Thank you, Jimmy! And in case anyone was wondering, I bought him the PlayStation 4 gaming console for his gift, haha.

Blue Bistro Table

The book on top of the pile is this one, the second one is Cherish by Gary Thomas, the third is my journal, and the fourth is my Bible!

On Saturday evening, we had our families over to celebrate Father’s Day. We grilled shish kebabs, lit sparklers, and celebrated our dads. Their gift? Us kids are taking them go karting soon!

Grilling shish kebabsSparklers

So, yeah, lots of fun celebrations lately! Reflecting on all of them makes me feel so happy, blessed, and loved. I’m beyond thankful for the people God has placed in my life and the fact that I get to celebrate with them!

How was your weekend?