Ice Cream in A Bag, Professor Dad, and Other Happenings

I hope everyone had a lovely Father’s Day! As I mentioned, we went to church and then stayed after for a picnic. Sadie and I gave Jimmy a new coffee mug and coffee beans along with a paper we filled out of questions that Sadie answered about Jimmy. This was the second year we did this and I think he enjoyed it!

After church and the picnic, we all took naps, practiced archery, and then made ice cream in a bag. We used this simple five-ingredient recipe and added crushed Oreos afterwards.

Father and daughter making ice cream in a bag

Homemade Oreo ice cream

The verdict on the ice cream? It was a little milky/soupy (could be our error if we didn’t shake it long enough or hard enough, though), but pretty good for coming together in under ten minutes!

Sadie also requested that Jimmy do her school lessons with her so professor dad came out and taught Sadie about Canada. She was really appalled to hear that people used to hunt beavers for their fur. She asked how beavers would stay warm without their fur and Jimmy was like well… it wouldn’t really matter… because they would be dead… 😆

Dad teaching daughter homeschool lesson from Abeka

Other recent happenings to start our week: lots of errands. We returned an outfit Sadie decided she didn’t like, sold books to Half Price Books, went to the pet store to buy Niva a bone, and visited the library.

Sadie asked the librarian if they had any Sonic the Hedgehog books and they put a few on hold for her. Can’t wait to pick those up 😉 Speaking of Sonic, Sadie made us each hold one of his hands while we walked into the mall. Her nails are holding up well!

Sonic the Hedgehog toy

The pet store was a lot of fun. I don’t know if the workers were bored or what, but three different workers offered to take animals out of their cages to let us hold and pet them! It was a really great experience.

I held a snake and a bird and we both petted ferrets and guinea pigs and got a close up look at a bearded dragon. The guinea pig was Sadie’s favorite and I would totally get a bearded dragon 😬

A nap also happened! For me 😂 The photo below is of Sadie all snuggled up with Niva and ready to watch an episode of Sonic while mom was ready to conk out #anemia.

Girl and husky sitting on couch together

Tell me about the start to your week!

Which pet would you choose: bird, guinea pig, bearded dragon, snake, or ferret?

Have you ever made homemade ice cream?



  1. Great Father’s Day!
    I think the pet store reps want you to hold the pets as you are more likely to buy one if you do!
    Love 💕 You!

  2. That ice cream in a bag sounds fun! Just came back from a chill girl’s trip to Vegas (! My bestie lives there and the city has grown on me since it’s been cool to see it change so much haha.

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