Our Garden 2019: Making Progress

We’ve made some progress on the garden since I last posted! Jimmy tilled the plot last week and I raked it.

Guy using rototiller to till vegetable garden plotVegetable garden plot after tilling

Thanks to my mom hanging out with Sadie, we found a little chunk of time to put down the landscape fabric yesterday.

Here’s a look at the plot now, with our little gardener hanging out on the freshly laid landscape fabric!

Baby in gardenBaby in garden

It feels great to be making more progress! Most people in our neighborhood have already planted, which makes us kinda jealous, but we’re determined to finish the fence and gate around the garden before we plant this year so we avoid rabbits and deer eating everything before we get to harvest it.

Jimmy is making the fence at his family’s steel fabrication shop as I type up this post! We’re having it galvanized, and it should be ready to be installed sometime next week or weekend. Can’t wait 🙂

Do you garden? If so, have you planted?


Our Garden 2019: Square One

Now that it’s May, it’s officially gardening season for us! Jimmy and I generally plant around Memorial Day because we’ve found that we aren’t in any danger of frost by that point. While we still have a few weeks until our big planting day, we have plenty of prep work to keep us busy.

We kind of failed at gardening last summer because we ended up becoming busy with a few pregnancy complications and some of our plants got munched on by deer and rabbits.

We didn’t even tear down our plants from last year, so we’re truly at square one. Here’s what the garden looked like earlier this week…

Vegetable garden plot with wood and steel fencing

I decided enough was enough and brought my new gardening buddy out with me to do some work!

Sadie tolerated hanging out in her ball out pretty well! Soon enough she’ll be crawling around in the dirt right along with me 😉

Baby infantino ball pit and activity gym by garden

I pulled out all the old plants, did some weeding, moved the stepping stones, and removed the tomato and green bean stakes on Wednesday afternoon.

My parents babysat Sadie on Saturday evening (thanks, mom and dad!) so I got back to work by finishing weeding and pulling up the landscaping fabric and metal clips that held it down.

Here’s what the garden looks like now!

Vegetable garden plot with wood and steel base ready to be tilled

We have just a few items to cross off of our to do list before we can plant:

  • Till the plot
  • Lay down fresh landscaping fabric
  • Finish building the fence? (I added a question mark because I’m not sure if this will happen, haha)

I can’t say it enough: I am so excited for this season. Our little garden is my happy place and I’m really looking forward to gardening and all the joy it brings this year!

Do you like to garden?