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Cupcakes, A Party, and Things I’ve Learned from My Mom

Hi! First of all, I’m happy to share that Jimmy is slowly starting to feel better since being sick last week. He went to urgent care and was able to get a steroid to help his lungs. It also had the side effect of giving him a little more pep in his step! Hopefully he will be 100% soon 😊

Okay, let’s talk about cupcakes! My nephew, Lawson, had his first birthday party on Friday night and it was such a fun evening celebrating the little guy. Hannah asked me to make baseball-themed cupcakes and obviously I was on board with that!

Baseball cupcakes (more…)


What My Pets and Child Have Taught Me About Life

Have you ever heard the theory that each child you have teaches you something different about life? I think it’s so true, and I also think it’s true with each pet you own. I was driving (actually, I was sitting in classic Pittsburgh traffic 😂) and thinking about this and knew I had to blog about it!

So, let’s start with my the first dog I owned, Lola.

She was legendary! My dad and I went to the humane society and picked her out together for my 14th birthday and she saw me through every major life change after that–middle school, high school, college, marriage, buying a home, adopting a cat, adopting a puppy, and having a child. She was a black lab mixed with a pit bull and very gentle and sweet.