Birthday Party

Sadie’s Fourth Birthday Party

Sadie’s fourth birthday party is in the books! I’m pretty sure I was just blogging about her first birthday, though?! We spent Friday evening with our families celebrating our spunky, friendly, and sweet Sadie girl!

Mom and daughter at Sonic the Hedgehog birthday party

We had the party a little early this year because we have a family reunion the weekend of her actual birthday and wanted to have summer weather for the celebration.  (more…)

Cupcakes, Bumps, and Double Pet Sitting

Whew, I am coming off a busy weekend! I did a lot of baking for my nieces’ joint birthday party (cupcakes, brownies, and cookies) and also pet sat my brother-in-law’s dog and our neighbor’s dog and cat.

Black lab mix puppy

Peach says hi! She has been with us since Thursday and will be picked up tonight. I’ll be watching our neighbor’s cat and dog for the rest of the week. Niva is in heaven with all the playtime! (more…)