A Few Favorites

The last time I wrote a favorites post was in October. I have thought of so many new favorites since then! Basically, this post is way overdue.

Family of four with pets laying on bed

Our whole family, pets included, was on our bed for this picture 😂

Here are a few favorite things, moments, foods, books, etc. that I’m enjoying! (more…)


A Few Favorites

Hey hey! Just stopping by to share a few favorite things, moments, etc. today!

Lego Kits. These are still such a novelty to me and Sadie so we both have fun putting them together! They feel like a workout for my brain 😂 Oh yeah, does anyone recognize Sadie’s dress from my hand-sewing days?!

Toddler girl playing with Disney Princess Lego Kit

Current Bible Study. I’m working through a study on women in the Bible and it’s fantastic. It goes from Genesis all the way through the New Testament and discusses what we can learn about God and His character and how we can apply lessons from women of the Bible to our own lives. I know a lot of the stories, but it has been nice to brush up on them all again and go more in-depth.