A Sentence Per Picture

I’m here with another sentence per picture post! These are fun: lots of pictures and just one sentence to describe each one. Basically, a photo journal of life over here in the Zottola household.

Fall candles

My little obsession: fall candles and decor.

Four year old sitting on doctor table for checkup

Sader Tot at her four year checkup!

Four year old getting hearing test

Sadie failing her left ear hearing test… we are retesting again soon!

Apple pie turnovers

Baked some apple pie turnovers for a church dinner on Sunday.

Girl wearing cat sweater and skirt set

This girl and her love of fashion is the cutest.

Chocolate espresso granola ingredients from Etsy shop Braid Bakery

Getting ready to mix up some chocolate espresso granola for an order.

Chocolate espresso granola

Our house smells like a coffee shop every time I bake this granola and I love it.

Black cat tire cover on lime green Jeep

I saw this black cat tire cover at the gas station and told Jimmy that the driver was meant to be my best friend.

Girl using salad spinner to make spin art with paint

Having fun with paint and a salad spinner during art class.

Cat laying on baby bump

Malcolm thought my bump was a good spot to rest.

Cat laying on young child

He also thought Sadie’s back was cozy!

Two huskies playing with each other

No idea what the pups were doing but they were having fun while doing it!

Husky sleeping with tongue out

I feel the same way when my head hits the pillow each night.

Dad and daughter sleeping on couch with pets

Naps for all!

Snickerdoodle cookies being wrapped by Braid Bakery

Wrapping up a snickerdoodle cookie order.

Girl sitting on stove holding pink Care Bear

Our neighbor gifted Sadie a Care Bear for her birthday and she takes it with her everywhere.

Child and husky snuggling under blanket on couch

They’re cute and crazy.

Bags of granola wrapped in tissue wrap with twine bows

A granola order all packaged up and ready to ship.

What would pictures of your life lately look like?



  1. Love ❤️ those one sentences under the pictures… but love ❤️ the pics of Sadie even more !

    Love 💕 You

    1. Oh and I forgot to say that I think those hearing tests are soooo dumb. At least here they are. The equipment is super unreliable. I hope it goes smoothly next time and that Sadie passes the test.

  2. first of all – Sadie definitely needs to get into modeling. Seriously.
    Secondly — Your pics are just the best! You know how mine are — “mom, please take that over”. (sorry)

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